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I love curtains instead of closet doors, especially if you use great fabric, not just turn it into a soft wall. Plus, it makes it easier to get at the whole closet.

Miami's Elaine, I removed the bifold doors for my closet with fabric and hilariously, when the house sold, the buyers specifically asked to keep that fabric, and the matching curtains. Give it a try, you may find you're much happier without the bifolds.

Small Space Solution: Curtains Instead of Doors
8/3/11 07:00 PM

Genius hint, thanks for sharing. Especially for the renters who are allowed to paint but can't take the chance on it getting on the carpet.

How To Paint Baseboards Next to Carpet
The Packing Tape Trick

4/27/11 09:18 PM

Thank you Kathryn, I have started searching for places that 1-ship to Canada and 2- are a wee bit less than $195 per metre, as I need 10 meters.

If you ever, ever need a new home for that sofa, you know you get tired of stuff :) let me know, I would love it and squeeze it and call it george.

Kathryn's "The Couch was the Catalyst"
4/26/11 09:00 PM

genius use of space and dark colours! well done!

Nita's Natural Light
4/26/11 08:53 PM

I love this entry, your use of open shelving for both room dividers and storage is lovely. I am seriously considering stealing that idea.

emmelemm, I really like your idea, perhaps AT could consider throwing that idea out to some designers? Or some readers could post examples of how they used the most common pieces we could vote on?

I also don't understand the IKEA hate, their stuff has allowed me to easily and inexepensively redecorate and space plan when I move each time. When you have to move frequently due to postings or family committments, buying furniture that's both neutral and easily changeable makes it more affordable.

It's also let me focus on paint and fabric to change a look, which has meant I could explore new colour combinations.

Onielia's Divided Studio
4/26/11 08:45 PM

Kathryn from The Sumptuous Chair, FLOVE your site! And the little pink houndstooth chair? Just lovely.

Kathryn's "The Couch was the Catalyst"
4/25/11 08:46 PM

I love the couch! Where did you get the fabric? I've been searching online with no success.

Kathryn's "The Couch was the Catalyst"
4/22/11 07:32 PM

Thanks alot salamanderart, very much appreciated!

Houndstooth In The Home
4/11/11 07:33 PM

Does anyone know a source for extra large houndstooth fabric the same size red houndstooth fabric couch? I have been trying forever to find oversized houndstooth fabric and the largest pattern size I can find is and it's 1" by 1". I'd give anything for 3x3 or 4x4.

Houndstooth In The Home
4/8/11 06:24 PM

I love all the ideas, but I needed WAY more storage than this. I freely admit I have a ton of faux jewellry but a clear bead organizer hanging on the back of a door gave me this easy way to store and choose what to wear really easily:

Inexpensive Jewelry Storage Solutions
4/8/11 06:17 PM

I would also love to know where you got the blue banquette, and the oversized houndstooth for the chair. It's all very lovely!

Brian's New Home in British Columbia
House Call

3/26/11 11:26 PM

I like it a lot, it can be very versatile if you need a spare bed a lot. I wanted modern so I got foam and it gave me the square lines I wanted. Washable covers means the cats are happy too

A Twin Bed as Sofa
House Beautiful

3/11/11 06:46 PM

Thank you Molly, I find myself doing the exact same thing! I used to plan out all my projects with my mom, down to the smallest detail. Now that she's gone, I find it hard to figure out how to proceed and find myself not starting again until I can figure out a solution.

On the bright side, I tackled making a sofa bed. I'm not done but I'm done enough that my friends are amazed. And cats claimed it, so everyone's happy.

Do it Yourself or Just Make Do?
2/15/11 08:40 PM

For those wanting to try a new counter finish, I had a lot of success with FlexRock. It was designed for pools and walkways so I tried it on a very badly cracked and stained counter. It did an amazing job and stood up to me poking it with a knife, hot plates etc. It wasn't as high gloss as this effect, which I honestly preferred.

The Under $400 Kitchen Makeover…In a Box
Rustoleum Transformations in the Test Lab

2/15/11 08:37 PM

There is also a genius product that is an electrical chair rail. It's installed at whatever height you want, and looks like chair rail with deeper channels carved in. The whole strip is an electrical outlet! So you can plug in anywhere in the room.

I can't find an image or link, but I've seen it in HomeDepot and Rona so it must be fairly easy to find.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Questions: Controlling a Living Room Full of Laptops
7/12/08 09:01 AM

I've painted loads of fridges with really good and easy results. I did one in camouflage and one like a cow. Back in the days of no digital camera, darn.

I love the chalkboard idea, which I will have to try myself.

To get the speckled finish look on a fridge, use a roller!

Apartment Therapy New York | Refrigerator MakeoverBoston
7/2/08 03:33 PM

For painted stairs to not be so slick, simply sprinkle some sand (salt shaker works wonders for this job) when the paint is wet. Le voila, traction in a second!

I've done it a bunch of times and works like a charm.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Shawna's Stairs
5/8/08 04:35 PM