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I need this... with only one outlet in my room it gets hard to plug in all the various gadgets.

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12/15/09 08:19 PM

This would be gorgeous for our kitchen windows... Right now the neighbors can look in to our place, which feels a little "Rear Windowish"

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12/7/09 02:57 PM

LOLs... pie for a pie is kidding. The explanation for the deviled brownie can be found on the blog this was originally pulled from:


PS. I found this blog using Google. You just need to go down a couple of entries. Far too often people only look at the first few entries provided by organic search.

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12/7/09 02:51 PM

Can someone provide instructions on how this would be made in the oven?

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3/20/09 07:51 PM

I live right at the corner of Market and Laguna... kinda lower lower haight. I can grab wonderful coffee at Blue Bottle in Hayes, go out at night to the Mission clubs and restaurants, and go out with my gays in the Castro. I'm a block away from the Safeway on Market and next to a super nice laundromat. I love this neighborhood!! It has a lot of charm. Sushi Zone is right around the corner and Rare device is across the street. I highly recommend. :)

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6/12/08 03:36 PM

I like those curtain rods... where can I find them?

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5/9/08 02:25 PM

I just moved into a new apartment after breaking up with my boyfriend (he broke up with me while while I was in a bathrobe... after getting out of the shower).

Would like to make my own place as cute as his was.... this book would be some nice inspiration.

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5/8/08 03:13 PM