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This is a Belgian house. Not a Dutch one, from the Netherlands.

What's Black and White and Colorful All Over?
dmvA Architecten

10/25/11 01:05 PM

As an origamifan, I like # 4 the most.

Wallpaper in 3D
10/12/10 02:34 AM

Every time I see a bedside cabinet with doors, I get nauseous. In former times bedside cabinets were used to put (full) chamberpots in.

Before & After: Bedside Turned Entryway Table | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/21/10 02:09 AM

I am Dutch. I decorate for Christmas when St. Nicholas has left, after the 6th of december.

Holiday Traditions: When Do You Bring Home Your Christmas Tree? | Apartment Therapy DC
12/1/09 12:34 AM

This reminds me of this:

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paper-Wrapped Room Photographs by Lola Guerrera
9/22/09 01:12 PM

It is something completely different, but Huis Sonneveld (Sonneveld House) in Rotterdam is also a nice suggestion for a house tour. It was build in the 1930's in the Modernism style.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Marie Antoinette's Petite Trianon
8/3/09 01:39 PM

More Lotek:

Apartment Therapy DC | Pivoting Sink Wall by LOT-EK
7/15/09 09:25 AM

More Lotek:

Apartment Therapy DC | Pivoting Sink Wall by LOT-EK
7/15/09 09:18 AM

I am always amazed when I see desks facing the wall, especially when there is plenty of room. It feels much better when you can look into the room while working at your desk.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Well-Appointed Desks
5/11/09 03:05 AM

`I love the dining room chairs - where are they from? `
The chairs are called Revolt and designed by Friso Kramer, in 1953.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Anne's Apartment: Light, Bright and Practical
5/8/09 02:04 AM

I like:,,,

Apartment Therapy New York | The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/23/08 03:50 PM

It is a good thing there is also non-hippie Dutch Design, like the Lotek lamp by Benno Premsela or the br 02.7 couch by Martin Visser. Designed years ago, still available.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cozy Living Room from Perscentrum Wonen
12/12/08 12:47 AM

The Dutch word 'rek' has two meanings. One is elasticity/flexibility, the other one is rack/frame. There is a link to the manufacturer on the Dezeensite, with email adress.

Apartment Therapy New York | REK Extending Bookcase by Reinier de Jong
12/3/08 02:23 PM

What about this one?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Geography Clocks by Pottery Barn Kids
8/12/08 09:46 AM

The stamps are illustrations of childrens poems/songs by Annie M.G. Schmidt. See:
The illustrations are by Wim Bijmoer.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Present & Correct's Animal Stamp Block
7/30/08 02:10 PM

It reminds me of the paper art made by Peter Callesen. See

Apartment Therapy New York | Look: Pop-Up PlacematsWashington DC
6/18/08 09:26 PM

My Barbie only needs one chair.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Mini Panton Chair Set
5/20/08 07:58 AM

They look like bycicle straps, they cost 9 euro/9 usd : ).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Strap by Droog
5/8/08 07:28 AM