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hey dina
I completely agree with you. I live in Montreal, Canada and experienced the same nightmare. The company recently opened up a new store in a suburban area and I have gotten no customer service from the staff.
I returned about $1000 worth of furniture because there were scratches on the table and chairs that I bought. I suspect the furniture to be refurbished because I also noticed paint over some of the scratches. Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with this company but there is definitely something fishy about them, almost like a scam. They put up signs that say "Closed for 2 days" or "Store will open only at 11:00".
For anyone out there, don't shop at this store...it's creepy.

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5/28/08 08:15 PM

I would really discourage anyone considering to buy anything at EQ3. Take it from me, I spent a very significant amount of money at this store only to find out that their furniture is completely worthless. I bought a table which looked used. EQ3. It had scratches and paint over the scratches. When I called the store, they blamed it on the delivery guys. When the delivery guys came to pick it up, they told me that they felt sorry for all EQ3's customers who were being scammed by this company.
Customer service is another horrendous issue. I waited 5 months for a couch, bed, night tables which I NEVER got. So I asked for my money back. I haven't gotten any of my money back yet because the store has been avoiding my calls. I even presented myself in person only to be told that the manager was on her day off. Don't even bother with head office, they don't even respond to your calls or emails which is why you'll notice that there is no customer service number on their website. All this to say that whatever you do, don't shop at this store. You'll never see your money again. Fortunately, I have been told that there is quite a number misfortunate victim customers of this worthless company. A lawsuit has been filed so it'll be a matter of time until we get our money back and hopefully this company will finally learn its lesson.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bossa Platform Bed with Storage Mechanism at EQ3
5/7/08 07:11 PM