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I've stayed in both Bellinter House and The G. The G has a fantastically metropolitan style, but it's dropped smack bang in the middle of very laid back, arty Galway. The interiors were designed by hat designer, Philip Treacy and it really shows in the rooms (The lamps look like his hats and there are lots of fresh flowers everywhere).

Bellinter is my favorite though. It's about 45 minutes outside of dublin and completely secluded. It used to be a convent before becoming a boutique hotel. The restaurant in the basement used to be a prayer room, so there are lots of beautiful arches all doused in white. The rooms are equally impressive. The larger suites in the main house are particularly opulent. Lots of deep, rich colour and antique furniture. The rooms on either wing and in the converted stables have a more natural, country feel with lots of bare woods and cow hides. I only stayed there for one night, but it's one of my favourite places in the world!

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7/27/10 11:37 AM

WOW! Thank you all for the lovely comments about my stairs.

MoJohnson- Yes they look pretty slick, and we were sort of worried about that, but there's actually more traction on them than you'd probably expect.

Jolly- I got my wallpaper at, and I gaurantee you could find something to match your stairs. They're a great company.

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5/7/08 03:04 PM