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This was delicious (as is--with bacon). Perfect fall salad. Thank you.

Autumnal Recipe: Roasted Squash and Arugula Salad with Pecans, Bacon, and Goat Cheese
10/19/13 10:20 AM

Um, where do I get the red dress?

Expert Interview: Heather Greene on Women & Whisky
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

10/7/11 11:54 PM

Oh my goodness. I just popped onto Ohdeedoh after not visiting for a while because I'm a teacher and am so busy with the start of the school year. We happen to be reading Caps for Sale in my first grade class tomorrow, and this post has inspired me to make mustaches for the kids to wear when we act out the story. Thank you! They're going to get a kick out of it. Beautiful party.

Best Kids Parties: Caps For Sale
My Party: Cash (St. Louis, MO)

9/28/11 02:33 AM

Play music by P!nk.

Ideas for a Non-Princess Pink Party
Good Questions

8/3/11 03:43 AM

I know someone who made these with her kids and as they grew up and moved out, it became a tradition to always include one in a package or with a letter. Now she has hundreds of them and she hangs them all over her house at Christmastime. It's really beautiful.

Summer Camp Crafting — God’s Eyes
7/18/11 06:42 PM

Here's another: s'morepedoes. You could make them on the grill or in an oven.

3 No-Campfire-Required S'Mores Recipes
7/18/11 06:38 PM

Beautiful room! I love the colors. Remember you can make your own wall silhouette.

Here are more shots of mine.

Elouan’s Heirloom Chic Nursery
Nursery Tour

4/22/11 09:46 PM

If anyone likes to learn by watching a demo, here's a cake pops how-to video from my kids' parties site.

How To Make Cake Pops
4/15/11 01:46 AM

Great idea with the double towel rod!
Thanks for linking to my tutorial. It's always fun to see it pop up here.

A 20-Minute Book Sling Hack

3/25/11 11:10 PM

Oh, I love this (and Meg's blog).
I wrote some tips for hosting a sledding party earlier this winter:

And don't forget this outdoor winter party featured on Ohdeedoh a while back. Almost makes me like winter.

My Sledding Party
Madison, WI

3/16/11 12:54 AM

OMG, my kindergarten students would LOVE this.

Project Idea: Turn Your Family Into Planters
2/24/11 08:14 AM

Love the letter and the felt alphabet! I wonder if those are pockets on the alphabet. If so, you could play a game with your kid where they try to sort little objects into the letters that match the beginning sound of the word (like a matchbox car for the letter C, a barrette for letter B, etc.). I teach kindergarten and have something similar in my classroom--but not nearly as pretty!

DIY Decoupage Map Letters
Callaloo Soup

2/19/11 12:15 AM

I recently wrote up some ideas for a winter sledding party:
You could serve these cupcakes:

Outdoor Entertaining in the Winter

1/6/11 08:50 PM

Oh, funny. I just did the freezer/once-a-month-cooking thing for the first time today! I'm about 1/3 of the way through January's meals. Blogged about here:

Best of 2010

12/30/10 01:51 AM

Oh! Just saw that you included me (Megan, Penny Carnival) in this. Thanks!!

Big Blog Family Tree
Best of 2010: Spring

12/28/10 02:35 PM

Yea for eastern Washington!
Super cute party. We did a horse theme for my daughter last month. Details here and here.

My Party: Owen
Tri-Cities, WA

11/17/10 12:37 AM

Great post.

Hard Times Call For Beautiful Vignettes
10/29/10 01:36 AM

Cute, cute. Love those invitations and the tutus.

My daughter just had a horse-themed birthday, which you can see photos of here and here.

I also wrote up some ideas for a Toy Story-themed party last spring here.

My Party: Abigail & Lilly Grace
Serenbe, GA

10/29/10 01:33 AM


Jenny Lind Cribs: Look Again
10/28/10 01:04 AM

Here's another one from your archives:

We loved our Jenny Lind. Our girls are in big beds now, though. Here's an update on our "nursery":

Jenny Lind Cribs: Look Again
10/28/10 01:04 AM