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Therefore all animals who eat other animals are being unethical... which is what I get from your argument, but doesn't really makes sense, because as stated before, I don't see how we could force a lion to eat grass and fruits instead of a zebra.

NYT Launches Contest To Find the Best Ethical Reason To Eat Meat Food News
3/21/12 02:34 PM

I don't think the contest should be about meat, but rather about why being vegetarian is so ethical?

By that, I mean that we have been eating meat since forever and it's part of us. A person rarely decide to be omnivorous; on the contrary usually people choose to be vegan (which by the way is not a critic, I don't care what you eat, as long as I get to eat meat :) ). Unless you have a little Lisa (Simpson's) in your family and unless parents of this person are already vegetarian, I doubt you'll see many young kids choosing to be a vegetarian.

I'm all about not killing animals of the wild to be served as food for human (mostly when some are almost extinct), but otherwise, bring me some chicken :)

PS: As some other users pointed out, animals DO kill each other as well to eat; should they also turn vegetarian?

NYT Launches Contest To Find the Best Ethical Reason To Eat Meat Food News
3/21/12 01:25 PM

Cadbury homeade eggs... Huh Now I feel like eating the Cadbury one that,s in my purse. So tempting!

Homemade Fish Fingers, Cadbury Cream Cups & Grapefruit MargaritasDelicious Links
3/21/12 10:53 AM

Good idea! I could consider that. I already organize my pictures in folders according to event and to years, but might be a good idea to publish them. I also have printed pictures (stil use a 35 mm Nikon), so I'm just wondering if there would be a nice way to mix them together.

How To Create a Family Yearbook: Controlling the Chaos of Digital Photos
3/21/12 09:45 AM

I put sea salt in almost everything (except bakery, I use regular salt). I've discovered recently pink, spicy and even black salt; I'm dying buy those and try them. Any idea how to use them?

Demystifying Salt: 3 Essential Types
3/21/12 09:31 AM

I LOVE this idea. Been looking for invisible labels for a while... Just might need to see if I can actually use these ones.

Look! Pretty Mason Jar Labels
3/19/12 02:18 PM

Oh, that would be awesome! I'm of those who can't really shop online, unless I've tried it on in a store before.

Online Shopping Made Easy: BodyMetrics Pod Measures Your Body for the Perfect Fit
3/16/12 03:46 PM

Not super messy, but I can understand why it annoys you. For me, the kicthen is the worst; I love to cook, but that usually mean the floor gets dirty all the time and counters full of plates and bowls... sigh

Nice bedroom by the way :)

Getting Into and Out of a Real Mess
3/16/12 02:49 PM

I LOVE cilantro with potatoes (batata harra) or with a good mexican rice!

Cilantro: A Love Hate Story Gilt Taste
3/16/12 10:08 AM

Butter + icing sugar + milk + vanilla is always a winner. Try mix butter first, then add some icing sugar and tablespoon of milk and mix. Then you add as much sugar as you want to.

I usually taste so often my frosting that I need a break before eating a cupcake or whatever I baked hehe

You can also add cocoa powder if you want to turn it into chocolate frosting.

Know a Fail-Proof Frosting Recipe without Eggs or Shortening?Recipe Questions
3/15/12 09:13 AM

I've always been fine with the lock and lock line. But again, I don't really eat soup, so I don't know if it's *that* leakproof.

Leak-Proof Food Containers For Lunch
3/15/12 09:10 AM

I don't plan my time to watch TV (I just pretty much do it every day or so), but for sports events (hockey playoffs or olympics in my case), I will plan some time if my teams are playing on some evening. I never had to miss a day of work, nor would I ever do it, for a game. I'm lucky the interesting hockey games take place in the evening, so it's easier to plan time to watch it.

I remember staying all day in bed with my new boyfriend watching the last day of Olympics (waiting for the hockey gold medal game) in 2010. It was a pretty amazing day :)

Do You Ever Take Time Off to Watch TV?
3/14/12 10:59 AM

Recently, I've bought pyrex lock and lock, so now most of the times I'll be using those instead of plastic containers; they heat well and don't melt :) I have microwaves at work, but I guess it's not a bad idea to heat before leaving work. Might try it one day, if I need to go somewhere that won'th ave a microwave.

Skip The Microwave: Preheat Your Lunch At Home
3/14/12 10:18 AM

I don't really like brocolli, but my boyfriend does, so I try to find ways to enjoy it in recipes. Might try @BEATRIX recipe. I'm always good for parmesan :)

How to Cook Broccoli
3/13/12 03:49 PM

I don't really like brocolli, but my boyfriend does, so I try to find ways to enjoy it in recipes. Might try @BEATRIX recipe. I'm always good for parmesan :)

How to Cook Broccoli
3/13/12 01:44 PM

Lunch is the most boring meal of the day for me, but that doesn't mean it <is> boring. My boyfriend and I cook every night and make leftovers for lunch, so I rarely cook specifically for lunch. At least, usually dinner was awesome, so lunch is pretty good all the time as well :)

Is Lunch an Inherently Boring Meal?
3/13/12 01:28 PM

Hehe I didn't know americans knew what was curb cheese (I had to try describe it to some of my californian friends few years ago). I love the sound it makes when you eat it.

Here in Quebec (Canada), it's all over the place; you can find it everywhere, even in a convenience store! It's also good with fries (google Poutine). :)

Lunch Snack Idea: Homemade Squeaky Cheese Curds
3/13/12 08:43 AM

I love the idea! Sadly, I have a tiny kitchen; very efficient, but still too small to have a corner for an 'office'. I spend so much time in my kitchen that I think it might be worth taking this extra space in the kitchen, the day I'll move in a house.

A Place to Read and Write: Tiny and Efficient Kitchen Offices Small Kitchen Inspiration
3/9/12 02:36 PM

Didn't think this post would turn into pro and con milk discussions hehe

Personally, all I have to say is I lovem ilk and no - other substitutes are NOT milk, they don,t taste the same - so I'm going to keep drinking milk that comes from where I live, so at least I can do my part for farmers in my province. :)

Even Dairy Farming Has a 1 Percent
Food News

3/9/12 01:18 PM

Really nice! I love the bathroom colors and designs. Can't wait to be able to work as hard in my house... when I'll be able to afford one! :)

Leah & Rich's Evolving Patina
House Tour

3/8/12 03:20 PM