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Frida Kahlo book is the best addition!!! I love your updated mobile home!

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/15/14 11:15 PM

I'm Lebanese, and i've been cooking it the spanish way all along and had no idea! Could it be more of a Mediterranean thing?
Sooo delicious!

How To: Fry An Egg the Spanish Way
7/3/14 11:29 PM


Before & After: An Outdated Master Bathroom Goes from Maroon to Modern!
5/21/14 09:46 PM


Before & After: Kim's Nursery Dresser
5/8/14 01:06 PM

I have a sander that comes with a curved surface, which made it much easier and quicker for me to get to that result.
I had a blast with these two, i even made my own piping!
And a friend just gave me a really cool chair that needs a makeover, so expect more! haha

Before & After: Pascale's 2-in-1 DIY Sitting Spot
5/5/14 10:26 PM

Thanks all for the nice comments!

I actually just sanded the chair and liked how it came out, so i didn't go further with staining it. The rug was purchased from ikea, it looks like it's still available in stock!

ps. I'm a female =)

Before & After: Pascale's 2-in-1 DIY Sitting Spot
5/4/14 07:58 PM

That's pretty awesome! Good job!

Before & After: Entertainment Center to Dress Up Station Vintage Revivals
4/16/14 09:02 AM

they would have looked like clouds if the fabric was white greyish...
I think you did a great job nonetheless!

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/9/14 02:52 PM

WOW! Total beauty!

Before & After: Beat Up Chair Finds Way Back to Beauty
4/9/14 02:47 PM

That is one beautiful renovation! Congrats!

Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/30/14 03:01 PM

Thumbs up!

Before & After: A Craigslist Piano With A Surprise Inside
3/26/14 01:41 PM

Wow! very nice!

Before & After: Loveseat Avoids Reupholstery Redo
3/26/14 11:09 AM

Very nice!!

Before & After: Out With the Mice, In With the Nice
3/20/14 09:19 PM

Love it!!

Before & After: Small Bathroom Finally Meets Its DIY Maker
3/12/14 04:14 PM


Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/6/14 11:41 PM

I think the floor is fantastic!

Why the red ceiling? it's aggressive and scary.
Maybeeee if the wallpaper was The Dream, with a hint of sky blue color and cloudy ceiling... That's total relaxation

Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/6/14 11:39 PM

the hand ashtray outside, the brass book ends in the bathroom, the electra 35? on your desk and everything else is just neat!

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/22/14 09:15 PM

That rug though!

Before & After: A Headboard Gets Reincarnated View Along The Way
1/6/14 12:05 PM

This specific house tour is worth much more than some art exhibits' i've seen.

Erin & Nathan's Collaboratively Creative Bungalow House Tour
10/30/13 10:55 AM

Great idea!

Before & After: Fireplace Nook to Lofted Playhouse Fe Fi Fo Famma
10/30/13 10:50 AM