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When purchasing something like the Fizz table from Cameron VanDyke you have to consider what you are paying for before you complain about the price. It is a shame that we live in a society that has become so accustomed to purchasing disposible products. I would like to see someone get a custom sized Ikea table like that.

I happen to be an aquintance of Camerons and know his potential. He hand selects every piece of wood he puts into his furniture, he welds his own table legs and never gives himself enough credit for the quality workmanship and endless amounts of hours he puts into a piece like that. The price that he is asking for it may seem like a lot of money for some, however you must ask yourself what you are worth on an hourly basis and then consider the fact that he probably has over 20 hours of labor into everything plus the materials.

Check out his website at

There are some examples of his work and also his contact info, in case you would want to have a custom size Fizz table made.

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6/27/08 05:33 AM

This material is really cool to work with. Although it may be a bit pricy, it definately serves a purpose. To compare it to MDF is a bit crazy. There is a distributor in Michigan that I believe has better prices on it than the prices listed. Along with it being used in the applications shown above, I have seen a couple of companies use it as center panels in cabinet doors.

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