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#5 is a problem for me because inevitably I would buy snack food. Clothing, shoes, not so much. I've also cut down on the books I want to buy because I'd receive them and not read them. Sometimes there is a greed of possession (not to be confused with greedy for money) that we all have to deal with - even for our households.

Thankfully I'm better with budgeting now... Try to only grocery shop once a week - and when I must shop for things I don't buy splurge items

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 02:37 PM

As part of the lease in my apartment I can only paint one wall in a faint color and put no adhesive on the wall - even temporary wallpaper. They absolutely forbid it. May wallpaper some large would panel and see how I like it...

5 Easy, High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas (That Can Move With You)
5/22/14 01:23 PM

I know its been said but I love how the exterior colors of the front face of the house are duplicated as you walk in. Very cool. As far as the negative critiques have been - come on folks, the previous house was a loft and with that comes a free wheeling mindset. It doesn't have to be perfect to be good. But for my mind - the bedroom is perfect.

Chris & Damian's Updated 1898 Echo Park Home House Tour
5/16/14 02:29 PM

I live in a studio apartment and I made some poor design choices - plus the lease won't allow me to paint, wall paper (I can nail or screw things into the wall.) So someone to help me work with the space I have would be lovely.

If You Could Redo One Room in Your Home, Which Would It Be?
1/15/14 12:03 PM

Correcting myself -

NOT all music is available online...

Ideas for Storing 1000 CDs in Super Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/10/14 11:16 AM


I had to order a European version of a Canadian artist who has been popular in the US - and order directly from the owner of a French classical company who would only sell me 6 CDs when I wanted 2 - I paid because it was the only way to get what I want. When you make those sorts of efforts to get your music you remember what it took to GET the music as well as the music. Be that as it may...

I had to move from a 1 bedroom apartment to a studio that has 9 feet ceilings and got rid of 2/3s of my CDs - I'm looking for shallow shelving that is 34 inches wide and maybe 4 feet tall. Looks like I'll have to go custom...

Ideas for Storing 1000 CDs in Super Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/10/14 11:15 AM

I second the request for information on the art feature in your space - especially what looks like a layered drip painting turned sideways. I can't afford to buy, I like knowing the artists I'm impressed with...

Jevon's Transformed Condo House Tour
11/28/13 11:04 AM

Any tips on where to get the fabric used to cover the lampshade?

A Fresh, Colorful Nursery Inspired by a Vintage Globe Professional Project
11/22/13 05:50 PM

Also - the fixture in the dining room is wonderful - your living room has a much less distinctive light. I hope there is something in your new home you could swap it out with... You didn't ask, but this home has a potential of being a showpiece!

Help Me Pick the Perfect Curtains Good Questions
11/22/13 07:59 AM

You have beautiful details in the moldings around each window. I'd hate for those to disappear. It shows in your photos you know what you are doing so I won't go over the basics about hanging drapes. The red in the living room rug makes the room pop. I'd go with solid red drapes in the living room and a patterned red drapes in the dining room. Also - more art with color in it (different colors) would add some warmth...

My humble opinions...


Help Me Pick the Perfect Curtains Good Questions
11/22/13 07:56 AM

I love the space and the devotion to music - a calling to some (I include myself in that regard.) Could the owners leave a message here with information about their quarterly songwriter retreats when that becomes available?

Dan & Sarah's Songbird Church House House Tour
11/18/13 08:17 PM

There is a company that makes Vegan Alfredo sauces with cashew cream - they are wonderful!!!

Talk to Me About Cashew Cream Ingredient Spotlight
9/5/13 04:18 PM


Margit & Geza's Colorful Dream in Budapest House Call
9/4/13 08:35 PM

I was born in Charleston, SC and was told by my parents I would have to get a job and earn money for insurance (young females didn't need insurance but young males did) if I wanted to get a drivers license. I got very angry, and chose not to get a license. Moved to Boston where they had good to great Public Transportation (depending on the weather) - still no drivers license. Moved to Houston, TX (still live here) and could never afford a car OR insurance. I take the bus (now light rail) and bike and walk. I have never taken the drivers test, preferring to be a passenger...

Perhaps we need a comment from someone in a small town who DOESN'T drive but goes great distances...

A New Home Means New Skills:
Learning To Drive (Reluctantly)

8/26/13 12:07 PM

Actually - just thinking totally outside the box (or at least it hasn't been suggested) keep the walls white but paint the trim around the windows basic red. Accents could be the warm colors (is apricot no longer fashionable?) and floral prints (or something warm and tropical) could be lovely.

There is NO RUSH to find your style. Do you want to impress or to you want to live happy?

What Color Walls with Pale Yellow Loveseat? Good Questions
7/22/13 10:00 AM

I want to move and live there - my only change different bathroom walls - to each there own!!!

Before & After: A Gut Renovation
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The Sweeten

7/3/13 04:20 PM

My worry is that this could become a point of contention that could lead to a separation. How stable is your relationship? I see an outcome where your hatred of the painting or his upset over your honesty leads to a parting of the ways. I'd actually go for couples counseling on this one.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 08:48 PM

I stuck with white walls and brown cabinets and floor - apartment has a no painting clause - I'm about to go black, red, gray to go with the white and brown. Just gotta do SOMETHING.

I like the above choices, by the way...

An Inspiration Board for a Small
NYC Apartment Design Diary

6/14/13 02:11 PM

The photo you use as an example is beautiful to look at, but I use paper files, where do you put a file cabinet in the photo? Also, if you sit in the chair when it's on the rug will it roll? It is a pretty picture that rings a bit false to me....

Where to Squeeze a Home Office into a Full House?
5/21/13 08:29 AM

I have a small studio apartment with 9 foot ceilings. If anything I'm trying to get the ceilings to feel lower. I almost want roman shades. It is such a box that the only molding is around the three windows. If I hang curtains OVER them, the only good detail is lost.

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for
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5/18/13 07:10 PM