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I am loving that paint chip mural. It's gorgeous and I can totally appreciate it too since I'm from the Bay Area. He should think about making another and I'd buy one.

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3/25/12 07:44 PM

For a baby carrier, I would just really bundle my baby up. He'd be in one of those one piece fleece sets where his head would be covered, along with his feet. Many places make them so you can shop around on where you'd want to get one. (Right now, looks like Old Navy is having it on sale - As far as the stroller goes, I got the JJ Cole Bundle Me. It works great!

Keeping an Infant Warm in a Carrier through the Winter
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1/9/11 04:54 PM

I've stashed so much toys it's unbelievable. Now with two kids, I was hoping with the holiday season, people would attach gift receipts so I could just save the money for something that they really "needed." Only a few did and the rest, well, storage of course. Well, actually some might be re-gifted for a later time. With 2 boys, I have tons and tons of toys. On top of a husband that is a kid himself, that means an overload of toys stashed away.

Do You Stash Some of the Presents After Opening?
1/9/11 03:27 PM

Food crumbs EVERYWHERE! I feel like I'm vacuuming constantly. I bet this not a big deal but for me, I'm finding it everywhere. In crevices of the play mat, stuck on the furniture and more. It's just so hard to clean.

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11/1/10 04:57 PM

I've had the Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby, Infantino Front to Back Carrier and a Kelty carrier. Now with my first baby, I knew nothing about carriers and so we registered for the Baby Bjorn because that's what was recommended. We may have used it for a couple of month or so until we learned about the Ergo Baby. We love our Ergo Baby. I am always recommending it. It's GREAT! Now you're probably wondering why we have a 3rd carrier (the Infantino). That's my husband's carrier (as he likes to call it). I've never used it but he's likes it. Now for the Kelty, that was for really long walks but my husband didn't like how he'd always be leaning forward because of the weight of our son. So that didn't get much use out of it. Now that we are expecting our second, maybe we'll use it more when the baby is much lighter.

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8/1/10 11:22 AM

i am totally loving the color combination in this room. i especially like the growth chart. too cute!

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7/17/10 10:42 AM

I've gotten the Safety 1st clear outlet plugs but my son figured out how to pull them out. Then I tried the Especially for Baby Plug Cover ( but for some reason, I can't plug anything in them so now they are just more for decorations. But now he has found other things to do so the outlets are just not fun for him anymore.

Outlet Safety Covers That Kids Can't Defeat?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/14/10 02:46 PM

has anyone tried the ikea version?? i'm always looking to find a way to decorate the windows of my son's room since it faces the back and all you see are other people's stairways and backways (not very attractive). this way, i can open his curtains once in a while.

15 Modern Window Films | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/11/10 07:38 PM

we have 2 strollers. our every day stroller just stays in the trunk. no reason to move it unless we have a big shopping trip where we don't need it then we take it out. then we have a bob and that just stays in the garage.

Where Do You Keep Your Stroller? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/24/10 02:26 PM

i never thought to change the color. my bathroom is really old and outdated and we can't upgrade or make any changes. but anyone have suggestions on a paint color to go with a baby blue tile and white grout (grout isn't so white anymore, more on the yellowish/orange dirty side). it's not a light baby blue but a bit darker but not too dark. i hope that makes sense. hope someone makes a suggestion for me!

Working with Oddly-Colored Tile in Bathrooms Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 10:48 AM

i am loving the photo above the crib "happy joy" ... did you make that or buy it somewhere?? please share. beautiful room! :)

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3/16/10 11:10 AM

when it's just me and my son, i pack a trendy but doable bag for me to use. so right now, there is dante beatrix diaper envelope. (this are great for just a few diapers and wipes when i'm not going to be out that long.) ziploc bag filled with snacks. wallet. cellphone. keys. psp. (this works wonders to help occupy my son's time. he watches movies on it.) fisher price headphones. bacterial wipes. water bottle. i think that's basically all of it. not too bad i think ...

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11/23/09 04:45 PM

i bought the dividers for my child's closet. they do come in handy. to the ones that say i don't know why people hang ... i had no choice. the room was small and so i could only fit one dresser (a changing table/dresser) and so all that was left was the closet. hanging isn't so bad as long as you have a system. i also agree with the ones that say things folded in drawers tend to be forgotten. i agree with that too. i didn't realize how much clothes we didn't use.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Closet Organizing Tips from the Container Store
11/2/09 02:22 PM

i was so disappointed when i saw this in their catalog. we already have blue mats in our play area and the surrounding area is hardwood floors. it would have worked out perfectly in our home. oh well!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | New Natural Wood Foam Mat
10/26/09 05:30 PM

i wasn't sure if you wanted a diy one or a place that would do it for you. i've tried the diy kits at home and i've just been unsuccessful. so far what i like to do is get one of those hand stamps at the craft store. they come in various colors and i lay my son's hand on it and place it on a piece of paper. we have even made presents for his grandparents of just his hand print that way and they love it. another place that i have used is a website called by baby. i love my keepsake that i used with them. it is totally worth the cost. check it out! oh and good luck.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Ideas for a Handprint Keepsake? Good Questions
9/14/09 06:14 PM

like julieM ... i was contemplating getting a kindle so that way i could free up my bookshelves but then i think, what if i liked the book and i want my own copy but then what would i do with my own copy, read it again?? so i'm starting to slowly getting rid of books (of course donating them) and i do have a hard time parting with them. some books i haven't even opened. do i keep those or what do i keep them for? i love forsenics and so i have tons of those books because they are interesting to me but then i wonder, how long will they interest me and when should i get rid of them. some of the books have the same material. is that a sign that maybe i should stop collecting??

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Last Taboo: Tossing Books
8/10/09 03:27 PM

love those floor pillows. anyone know where i could get similiar ones that aren't too expensive??

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Flickr Find: A Room That's Extra Kid Friendly
6/25/09 03:23 PM

thanks nolann for the tip. i'll keep that in mind. so i'm in need of some help now with the boxes ... i ended up buying some new ones but the ones i really wanted are now discontinued. it's hard to find the right shade. so i have like a taupe/brown one and bought some new light brown, dark brown and white boxes. out of those colors, which ones are the best to match the taupe/brown ones??

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Organizing: Tips for Storage Shopping
6/17/09 02:13 PM

i went through this just this past weekend with noisy neighbors. my neighbors decided to have a roof party and instead of thinking to buy an extension cord to put the radio up with them, instead they decided to open all their windows and blast their music loud. one window was directly across one of my windows and then could you imagine. i had their music playing in my entire house! it was ridiculous!! so my husband was gracious enough to let them borrow an extension cord but my god, couldn't they have thought of that first?! and believe me, this isn't the first time either. they are so inconsiderate that it makes me sick to even look at them. i'm not even cordial to them because i hate them. oh ... i'm so glad that we had this discussion today! lol!! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces Austin
6/15/09 03:13 PM

i love my storage boxes but since i bought them all at different times, now i have three different colors (black, light brown and a dark brown). it sort of bothers me when i look at my office and how it just doesn't coordinate. so i agree with the concept of not buying anything first and make a list. now i'm stuck. i always wondered if i could paint them to match but i'm afraid i'll just ruin them. oh well...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Organizing: Tips for Storage Shopping
6/12/09 11:09 AM