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Can anyone identify the tile on the floor in the second picture?

Semihandmade Update: Custom Doors for IKEA Cabinets
9/16/11 11:52 AM

Blue is not a color people normally associate with food (except blueberries).

I would be cautious installing a blue color in the kitchen area; it can be done (I have seen some beautiful washed out blues), but it truly is difficult to pull together.

Be Still My Heart: Blue Backsplashes
7/20/11 12:09 PM

credeeeenzzzzaaaaaaa -

the bookcase unit is CSS George Nelson.

Nice work.

Paul's Mid-Century Modern Design Developed Over Time
House Tour

7/1/11 12:31 PM

- jessiem:

ask and ye shall receive:

Edling Oscarson: Scandinavian Style with a Twist
Designer Profile

6/16/11 09:29 PM

Edward Wormley's "Listen To Me" Chaise Lounge.

What's Your Dream Piece Of Furniture?
6/8/11 10:52 AM

No contact for John Foster?

Concert Posters: Cool Art from Sasquatch! Festival
5/24/11 01:16 PM

+1 QueenoftheFall.

Greg & Brian's Decadent Deco Moderne Condo
House Tour

3/31/11 05:04 PM

seems vaguely familiar....,r:0,s:0

Trift Stools by Judith Seng
2/16/11 01:39 PM

Nice; Sheeler would approve.

Tiny Building Portraits by Marcia Alscher
1/10/11 01:35 PM

Dear Troy,

To be fair to the readers of this blog, you should let them know of your previous affiliation with Todd Merrill.

Joseph Walsh: Designer to Watch for 2011
1/5/11 03:09 PM

I feel like a baby bird being fed by it's mother.

Happy Holidays to everyone; may your new year be filled with original content.

20 Posts Our Editors Keep Coming Back To
The Best of 2010

12/22/10 03:06 PM

MRSkeller/Megan B -

It's not the concept that was copied - it's an exact copy!

And yes, they are supposed to reference the original; plagiarizing and cutting corners is disrespectful and lazy at best.

Cool Chevron Wall Pattern
12/16/10 03:06 PM

I couldn't agree with KSGirl more.

In today's day and age, this is what sets apart a professional from a part-time blogger.

Apartment Therapy bloggers are guilty of this quite a bit, with postings that borrow or outright steal ideas and content without even referencing the original author/designer, posting or article.

Cool Chevron Wall Pattern
12/16/10 01:03 PM

Should we expect a post on Oskar Zieta next?

Daring & Dramatic: The Work of Rafael DeCardenas
12/14/10 12:34 PM

Predetermined value of beauty and craftsmanship limits one's ability to accept others point of view - those who see the world in black & white rarely ever innovate, they just imitate.

Minimalist Furniture Inspired by Streetcorner Finds
12/13/10 11:38 AM


There are quite a few beautiful ideas these works evoke; honesty, sustainability, and accessibility (not to mention the art references).

If you have a moment, I recommend going to his website and reading the info.

Minimalist Furniture Inspired by Streetcorner Finds
12/9/10 11:40 AM


Not trying to be rude; there are plenty of people who would like their legitimate questions answers and are actually looking to improve their environment and are even willing to spend their own hard-earned money.

The difference here, however, is this person has no desire to fix the problem they are lamenting about, and are really looking for someone to do it for them.

Hence, the attitude of "I’m not about to spend a nickel", deserves "I don't think you need an answer".

Think Pink

12/8/10 12:18 PM

If you signed a long-term lease on a ugly rental and have no money, why is this the place to solve that problem?

Think Pink

12/7/10 01:49 PM


Penthouse Apartment in Montreal

12/7/10 12:26 AM

Does Ron Gilad receive royalty payments?

Bright Star: New Spica Light From Iacoli & McAllister
12/7/10 12:25 AM