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A few years ago I asked my exceptionally handy father to make me a few for our living room. It took him almost six months, but they are great. He sanded them to death to make them super smooth for our babies (quads).
Ask your handy fathers, uncles or grandfathers!

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5/12/10 03:50 PM

I bought the Miele after years of vacuum frustrations and it absolutely amazing. It is super quiet and sucks the tiniest crumbs out of my high pile rug.
Dysons are a joke compared to the Miele.

Miele Neptune Is Now Available in Turquoise! | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/17/10 02:03 AM

Agreed. Don't you dare paint that beautiful wood. Possibly stain it darker (including the trim around the doors and windows) and paint the walls darker to compliment? Or give me your house and, ta-da! Problem solved!

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1/20/09 04:22 PM

They are $160 on that site for a one bowl-er, but at Oh My Dog Supplies (link below) they are charging $100 for a two bowl-er. I bought it for my pup, Alfonso, and he loves it.

Link: http://www.ohmydogsupplies.com/dog-products/wow-wooden-dog-feeder-dark.html

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Wowo 1 Series Pet Feeder
5/2/08 10:01 AM