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Would love to see AT do this kind of post for bathrooms. I really want to do my bathroom over, but after reno-ing the rest of the house, I need to some creative ideas to steal cause there ain't a lot of $$ left!

Kitchen Remodel Makeovers: 20 Great Before & After Transformations for Every Budget
5/15/14 06:53 AM

If you painted the fireplace a dark colour so there is less contrast between it and the tiles it might work to make the tile seem a little less obvious and hence feel less obnoxious to you

Original Mantel Tile - Tacky or Classic? Good Questions
3/7/14 09:08 AM

Gorgeous! Kudos, too, on the design ethos of being conscious of what and how much we we really need instead of lusting after the latest so called ''must have.''

Oliver & Sherrie's Mini Bronx Loft House Tour
12/19/13 09:07 AM

I work from home fulltime and when we downsized, we over did it and had to renovate and add an office. Not only was there a lot of noise and dust, for two weeks there was no back wall to my house, just a sheet of plywood erected nightly to keep out bats and racoons. Basically, I survived by rearranging my schedule: up at 4am for 3 hours of quiet concentration before the guys arrived to start hammering, and working 5p-7p, after they left. Whereas I normally have a lot of meetings in my office, I went to the other person's office. The rest, you just live with, knowing that it will end.

How Do You Deal with Noise When Working from Home?
10/4/13 11:50 AM