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As an American living overseas, I was actually looking for good US maps this week. Our problem is that our kids know where China, India and Madagascar are on a map, but not Texas (not a bad thing, but I probably should teach them!).

I would love to see fun world map options too. Maybe another good post on world maps to complement?

10 Maps of the U.S. for Kids' Rooms
9/7/12 05:19 AM

Sarah here... I didn't have any problems with residue, and removal was super-easy. In fact, most of the decals have come down now, as my 2 year old found them way too easy to pull off! My wallpaper has quite a bit of texture, however, so I think that made them a little more prone to pulling off with ease. But, the next time I put something up, I will design it so it is out of reach of little hands until they are older. It's too hard to explain that this wasn't an interactive exhibit! (anyone have ideas for interactive wall ideas??)

I also learned that you can easily re-stick them with another coat of the same cornstarch mixture (good if you need to reposition or repair).

Homemade Removable Wall Graphics Renters Solutions
3/1/12 03:51 PM