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I totally made this after seeing the original from 2008 i only had a single bike, but i added hooks for helmets and tools with the addition of a lengthened bar for the bottom to hold my snowboard. the sky is the limit as the modularity of this design allows for amazing options. build it and you will not be disappointed!!!

How To Build a Vertical Bike Rack Using Spare Parts Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/10/10 11:34 AM

HAH bepsf... me too.

however, that book above, while cute for the fact that it says "the doorstop", is just too massive to be allowed. I imagine the 2nd or 3rd time the right pinky toe is stubbed to oblivion, that ginormous object will be relegated to an unused location elsewhere. As for me, I used a really cool brick that I salvaged from the Hudson River (there are massive amounts that were used as fill over the years)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Easy DIY: Phonebook Turned Doorstop
11/2/09 01:25 PM

has anybody ever been in a backyard shed during the day??? holy crap this would be hot as billy hell (especially since the roof is not insulated) and yay, a single floro tube to work by at night...i can see it now! However, i do love small footprint designs and solutions, just saying this can be done better. so if you design your own, be sure and build in insulation (for summer AND winter) and build it with ventilation/AC and heat solutions in mind.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Home Office in a Shed by BillyOh
10/6/09 03:55 PM

ack you decided to showcase the shite De Stijl style kitchen from this years catalog. no, ikea is NOT a status symbol for me... nor is any other line actually, but i do have some ikea pieces throughout my apartment. Mostly because they are cost effective, possibly quirky fun, or went well with the space and surrounds that i had already or had planned.

However, I can see where, for many, this is a complete departure from what is typically sold in many countries (if you can get it) and i'm sure that's part of the draw, as so many have alluded to.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA as Status Symbol?
9/23/09 10:38 AM

umm really.. canning supplies are a collection??? whatev! I love those plates on the wall... i think if i remember correctly they used the gear at http://www.allplatehangers.com/Plate-Hangers to hang those. @mirandabee (this is becoming a trend) umm ya, the only cool piece in that line of white is the fiestaware pitcher on the far left. (too bad they didnt adjust the electrical conduit to be less obvious when doing the cabinets). teapots are awesome and can be way whimsical and less functional (and me likes it that way). and while i'm sure Amy is a quality individual, that looks like the shelf at many a thrift store.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kitchen Collections in Modern Homes
9/15/09 11:41 AM

well i suppose i am not alone in the periodic use of "every flat surface" and chairs (especially those with arms) are great for holding a load of laundry... am i right? however, i also can get overwhelmed by the clutter that creates and it makes me kerazy! I do love the chairs with the drawer... Very Cool Idea. and @mirandabee likewise, i have a couple in a closet awaiting placement and tlc (wouldn't it be nice to have a warehouse to rotate stock as it were)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Extra Chairs, Extra Storage and Display Spots
9/15/09 11:28 AM

nope... i'm going to call BS on this!!! just because you have a piece of folk art, a distressed piece or some antiques, does not wabi-sabi therefore make!

I think the so called new found interest is that people DO like and cherish some things that are not showroom/design house immaculate. I like to think that it makes some of the automaton's I've seen on this site and elsewhere seem like they still have at least a shred of personality left. that being said, i know there will be a million people out there that will go out of their way to have something "Look" unfinished and rustic just so they can say.. "yep, i'm on top of it... not only do i know yellow is the biggest color in fashion, but i'm sooo wabi-sabi too!"

sigh... i sure don't mean for my posts to be negative, it's just that the ones that get under my skin and push me to comment are the ones i take offense to. sand oyster=pearl (maybe???)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Wabi-Sabi from Apartment Therapy House Tours
8/20/09 05:04 PM

nah... i'll stick with my $450 Gary Fisher Artemis thanks.
1. because i'm a cheap bastard
2. because i would cry if my fat ass broke this expensive frame
3. because i live in nyc metro, and this thing would be stolen before i could even lock it to a pole
and finally...
4. refer to number 1

Apartment Therapy DC | Hardwood Bicycles by Renovo
8/17/09 02:37 PM

umm wow... from the looks of that living room, i'd say you got rid of comfort! bet you didn't even notice. the rug looks like barefoot fun tho. and ya, all broadcast tv is a nightmare of wasted time. hulu with windows mediacenter = good focused short term entertainment options.

design and architecture porn mags are a VERY good option to lose as well, as slowdown mentioned, they just make you feel sad and less than...

oh, and pare your book collections down to stuff you really will read again, otherwise it's just a space hog and people will "get" that you're well read by talking to you rather than perusing your wall of fame. use a book trading service or donate to church or school libraries.

yay, hearts and stars everyone...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Best Thing We Ever Got Rid Of
8/15/09 10:55 AM

haha yea, submitted by 2 different contributors. whatevs, moving on. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20079342
are the most unobtrusive way i have found to hang nice gauzy curtains all the way to thick unbleached muslin and as simple as clip clip clip.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Can I Give the Bedroom More Privacy? Good Questions
8/14/09 09:31 AM

looks sweet, but man talk about trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear!!! those tables will not take much moving or bumping as described before they start to get all loose in the joints like an overcooked turkey!

However, this is a pretty snappy looking hack and if you brace the legs to the lack table top with angle brackets, and use dowels (should even be free in the parts drawers at ikea) to connect the tables together. yes it requires a little drilling and careful measuring, it'd be worth doing.

The other thing is that i cant help but think that you can go less costly on the block top. this 23"X23" one from the container store is closer in size to the lack dimensions (21 5/8"X21 5/8") leaving less overhang to potentially break off during an overzealous calamari tenderizing session! http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?searchId=22067333&itemIndex=7&CATID=13366&PRODID=60707

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Make a Kitchen Island with IKEA LACK Tables
8/11/09 03:52 PM

ummm.... really... that's all that is going into this post??? was somebody up against a quota time crunch??? methinks yes!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Things That Are Always on Sale in August
8/11/09 12:31 PM

3rd pic is super subtle spring to me, i wonder what the rest of the bed arrangement looks like, pic 1 umm who's comforted by an overly large bandanna...not this guy! the rest seems very umm target teen bedroom to me. i sure hope there are better options in this line... but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... i'd just like to see more of what's behind curtain #3

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Amy Butler Bedding Now Available at Bed Bath Beyond
8/7/09 12:55 AM

That is incredibly awesome!!! i'd love to do that here in Jersey City. I have furnished half of my apartment with the stuff i have found being thrown away in this city alone. I have been amazed, since moving here from San Diego 4 years ago, at the rampant consumerism in the NYC metro area that makes someone feel "ok" about tossing something that can easily be used by someone else. I just don't get it, i guess it's just less of a hassle for folks to toss it. Such a shame.

first order of business... who has a truck and a warehouse in JC to put towards this???

Apartment Therapy DC | Free Store: Give What You Can, Take What You Need Baltimore
8/6/09 01:59 PM

yeah, i like it too. always a fan of that robins egg/tiffany blue. i also like the juxtaposition of the old school shop stool with the technology laden washer/dryer. though, i cant imagine spending a lot of time sewing on that stool. i have one in in front of my computer, so it insures that i dont dally too long there. not comfy at all. LOL

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Sarah Hartill's Laundry and Craft Room
8/3/09 10:08 AM

'tis true @m! that kitchen would be steal of the century at $749, alas $4900. looks like their price placement worked and duped the OP.

yarggh! i need some new cake pans... anyone have experience with these orange monsters?

Nothing is going to equal the buying of single badass pieces of cutlery as though you were on top chef, but j.a. henckels makes a couple sets with a nice black wood block holder for $48 with the 20% coupon they always mail out at bed bath and beyond (. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13049556&RN=395 I agonized a long time a couple years ago about buying ikea low end knives, and just couldn't bring myself to do it.

those cheap (leaky, breaky, warpy) plastic containers... great, another thing to throw away. i was drawn to them as well, and hate em. the only ones that work proper enough are the rounds with the screw lids. and even then, MEH! go for the mid-range rubbermaid stuff at any retailer in an 18piece set for $9. you'll thank yourself later for that.

@plumeria - agreed!!! tho i dont think i'd shop those stores even if i could. It just seems to be ever
over-inflated price wise to me.

@ann246 - what happened? you're not supposed to buy everything from ikea lol. home depot and lowes sell faucets too. though i do likes me some of them sinks at ikea (faucets are pretty standard things, as are sinks. of course you do have to count the holes. )

@violet222 - in my experience, good finds via thrift, consignment and antiques are rare in NYC area... everyone knows what the stuff costs retail. yet i have found quite a lot curbside. the concerns there are (shivers...) bed bugs! but what are you gonna do?

Art is what is in your heart, so decorate at will!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | New IKEA 2010 Catalog! A Peek at New Kitchens and Tools
7/30/09 10:22 AM

cluttered??? This is what happens when you actually LIVE in a home/room/closet however small the place is instead of making a space antiseptic and devoid of signs of life (as it appears so many here want to have an art studio for a home)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Design Ideas to Steal from the New IKEA Catalog
7/28/09 08:51 AM

I'm not sure if it's theirs, but my company used a very similar product to place on what would otherwise be pretty plain concrete balconies for a luxury condo development in Manhattan. They snap together very easy and look spectacular and hold up well to traffic and weather. however, they are quite pricey and of course covering odd shaped areas requires custom onsite cutting to fit. but they do look good and are quick to setup. The cost is the real rub here.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Snapping Deck Tiles by VIFAH
7/27/09 06:53 PM

ummm do you live next door??? many of the sweet posh hotels in LA are 1. much more than $10 to park at (keep in mind that LA for its size is nowhere near public transportation connected like an NYC or the like!!!) let alone swill an overpriced iced tea for $10 or less.
2. Try rolling up on your retro Schwinn and see if they'll seat you.
3. try finding a taxi somewhere other than the airport to take you to one.

more to the point, do you really want to mimic or get your ideas for design from places that cater to the idle (tasteless) rich lowest common denominator? why not just get an iced latte at starbucks and tour model mcmansion homes.

What happened to personal flair and making your space comfortable for you, not some "design within reach" catalog page that you think your friends will approve of.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Afternoon Escape: A Luxury Hotel
7/27/09 06:35 PM

hmm interesting idea, and one that has apparently generated a good bit of discussion, so mission accomplished.
i can appreciate the thought, but its a bit impractical, and potentially fraught with mishap. even avid helpers and friends are never as careful with your gear as you would be. aaaaannnnddd, as someone who has biked thru europe using a bob yak, all it would take (even on two wheeled trailers) would be too tight a turn and everything goes all road rashy. and nobody wants that kind of patina on their gear.

all that said, does anyone know the maker of those long trailers?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Moving...by Bike!
7/26/09 11:24 AM