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Also, once you open your jar of goodies you should keep it in the fridge not on the counter top.

Farming @ Home: The Canner's Garden
4/17/12 04:34 PM

I always sterilize my jars prior to canning for everything.... one reason among many is if you put hot food in a cold jar you just might break then jar. I also believe that Ball recommends to to sterilize jars prior to canning anything, regardless of processing method. If you wanted to skip the jars Ball makes plastic jars for your fridge/freezer. They also sell pectin specific to freezing your jam too.

Farming @ Home: The Canner's Garden
4/17/12 04:32 PM

My grandma just past away a few weeks ago... your post and pictures made me think of her and smile, and cry just a little bit. Thank you.

How I Invited Julia Child Into My Office
3/1/12 01:18 PM