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I live in a TINY TINY space and I would totally use this to grow some peppermint ^_^ and some oregano for all the sauces and baked goods! College students need fresh foods too!

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5/24/08 06:54 PM

Pillows= my weakness ^_^ I love all the designs! Anyone would be amazing :D

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5/24/08 06:44 PM

I love my artwork... even though it's nothing grand it would still be amazing to have it printed to give out ^_^

Pick me :D

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5/1/08 12:44 PM

There certainly is a lot of chatter about Wal-Mart being a "big evil corporation". Personally, I am VERY thankful for Wal-Mart. Not only do I receive a steady pay check that covers ALL of my schooling expenses, but also the Wal-Mart crew is like a family! Wal-Mart sponsors many many charities, and our Wal-Mart even has blue jean fridays where each associate pays one dollar to wear jeans. The benefits go straight towards cancer research. Wal-Mart was initially a small, one-story convenience mart, but Sam Walton's business insight helped develop it into a flourishing business. As a college student on a budget (and someone who lives in a small town), I buy a majority of my appliances and goods from Wal-Mart. There is a plethora of cute options for decorating your home. I bought a desk there when I was in the 7th grade and it has proven to be much sturdier than the solid oak desk that was custom built for me. If you don't find Wal-Mart's goods up to your snobbish standards, then don't shop there. But please don't bash a company that strives to help people in need.

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4/30/08 02:11 AM