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I just find it interesting that the average size of the American home has more than DOUBLED. I can't remember the exact square footage, something like 2200 sq feet is now the average size. But for what? Who really needs all that space? I mean really, who NEEDS all of it? WANTING it, sure. ;) I grew up in a home just under 1,000 sq. feet, along with my mom and sister. And we were perfectly fine.

Yeah, when they're teenagers you may need to rethink the living space, but until then, I think it's great that you're all comfortable with the space you have, and a huge kudos to you not just for making it work, but for being happy within your space in the process!

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5/16/08 10:00 AM

I agree that it would be tough unless you've got a natural knack for decorating, however, I'm going to be the odd man out and say ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT.

I've seen this trick done in BHG all the time. What they do, when they have two completely mismatched pieces of furniture, is to play upon the ACCESSORIES to tie them together. Example: You have a neutral, modern couch, and a neutral, shabby chic chair. Add a punch of color to both, such as pink throw pillows on both, or a pink throw pillow on the chair coupled with a nice pink throw on the back of the couch.

It absolutely can be done. You just have to tie two completely different pieces together with something similar. Good luck, and maybe AT will let you post pictures of the room when it's done!

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5/15/08 10:53 AM

I'd love to know the answer to this, too. I'm within your same budge range, and aside from the color, that couch is EXACTLY what I'm looking for and is absolutely beautiful!

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5/12/08 08:18 AM

@ brenjay: I've heard glowing reviews about Melaleuca products. In fact this blog listed them not too long ago, and the comments were very positive. Anyhow, I checked out their website and they have something called "No Work Daily Shower Cleaner." Link here:

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5/9/08 02:09 PM

P.S. Where did you get the shelving unit against the wall on the right side of the picture? I love it!

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5/9/08 09:41 AM

Well first off, I like what you've done so far - you have a good, solid base.

The main suggestion I would make is adding color to those windows. You've got a GREAT backsplash of window to work with; it isn't often you find a wall of windows that reach almost end to end in a room. Your rug is great - trendy, take one of your favorite colors from it and dress up those windows! That will add a huge punch of color, and will help tie the room together by pulling from one of the carpet colors.

Another suggestion I would make is to ditch one of those couches. I can't really tell from the picture, but they look like they're both the same. I would sell (or move to another room) one of them, and replace it with a chair or two. Maybe to nice accent chairs, or one large, comfy chair with an ottoman.

The layout looks fine as-is. If you rid yourself of one of the couches, one layout I would do is this: Couch against the non-window wall, with coffee table in front of it. Then two chairs side by side in front of the window wall, with a nice table in between.

Still another thing you can do, is add a layer of color in accessories. You've already got a great rug. If you choose to outfit the windows, you'll have that. Then pull it all together with some punchy, colorful accent pillows. That pull both the rug and curtains together. Finish that up with a colorful vase, bowl, etc. and that room should look great!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Bring My Apt. To Life?#comments#comments#comments
5/9/08 09:38 AM

Edit: Whoops, meant to add this to the prior post after looking at the photo one more time...

I would actually stay away from a coffee/milk wall color, if only because it may end up sucking in the color of the chair. Think bright and punch again - use the wall to put things on it that reflect the accent color - orange in your case, or similar. An orange painting. Some colorful plates hung with orange ribbon. A couple of floating shelves with maybe a small vase holding orange flowers. Since your walls are white and the rocker is neutral, the accent color is where you really get to shine!

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5/5/08 06:47 AM


One thing I would do is get some super bright, very "punchy" pillows for that rocker. You want to keep it, and it's a great, neutral color to work with. Since you like the orange, you could go with that for the pillows - one, maybe two of them but no more than that.

Actually, for a side table I was going to suggest something "un" matching. ;) How about a gold-toned table? You could easily pick up a cheap table at Goodwill or such in a shape that you like, and paint it in a greenish/gold shade or similar. Not only would it offset the wood on the rocker, but it would match with a coffee/mocha scheme if you're painting the walls. And about those walls...

Instead of painting one of them, maybe you could consider a very large painting in the shades you want. You'll kill two birds with one stone: one, you don't have to paint the wall back when you move out, and two, adding a large wall painting will give some added depth not only to the wall, but to the corner itself.

In fact, just this weekend I saw a budget conscious decorator on HGTV take a blank canvas and paint it himself. Nothing fancy, either - just some paint in the shades he wanted, darker paint on the bottom blending into lighter on the top. Very simple, very cheap, yet very effective.

Another thing you could do (sorry, not meaning to make this so long...) is keep a small table (I'm thinking round?) with one lamp on top, and then on the wall behind the chair (the right wall if you're facing the photo), add a very small bookshelf.

The possibilities are endless, and I hope you'll come back with a finished photo!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Tie In This Reading Nook?
5/5/08 06:44 AM

Try - you can select by color, and if you choose maroon, you'll notice that you can play around a lot with greens - apple green, sage green...those aren't pastel colors per say, but they are lighter colors and will help you to lighten the room.

What I like to do is go to the color combos website and experiment with my own colors. I downloaded a program called Color Cop (GREAT, simple, small program) that lets you pick any color on your computer screen and gives you the six digit color code for it. Then just plop the color code into the color combos website, and play around.

One color that goes great with burgundy is a very light blue, think sky blue or powder blue. But light blues, like creams and whites, will show stains easier if used for a rug and/or couch. Still, the color combo is beautiful.

Some other good colors that go with maroon are cream and camel; you mentioned the two dogs, but if you're smart about what fabric you choose, you could do very well with a camel colored rug.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Does Burgandy with Light Pastels Work?
5/2/08 06:58 AM

Edit to above:

Whoops, I looked at the picture again and saw the windowsills were white. So I'd say stay with white for the wood strips.

And, I thought of another possibility for you - you can reverse the wainscoting approach, too. Instead of leaving the green waist high, try some white bead board that goes the same length...then leave the entire upper half green. That's my favorite pick so far. Whatever you decide, hope you enjoy!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Floor, Beams, Fireplace Help
4/29/08 05:41 PM

I'll pipe in with a suggestion... Why don't you stain the floors dark, then compromise on the walls?

You say you love the green, so stay with it - "partially." Some examples:

Paint the topmost 12 inches or so a nice cream, and leave the rest green.

Reverse it - paint the walls cream, and the top strip green.

Use a...I think it's called the wainscoting approach: Leave the green about waist high, and paint the remaining walls cream. Then take strips of wood the same dark stain as you'll use for your floor (or in a shade to match the fireplace), and mold along the walls where the green meets the cream. And cream is just one example in all could use several different colors. A light, burnished gold, pristine white, a very, very light silver/gray, etc.

Get creative with it and good luck!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Floor, Beams, Fireplace Help
4/29/08 05:39 PM