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Pleaseee, pleaseee. i need it!

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9/11/08 05:22 PM

good luck to us all.

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7/14/08 08:49 AM

my question is....where are they from? or did the owner of the house make them?

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6/17/08 03:07 PM

surely would go in my bedroom, i would possibly take out the bed and just sleep on the rug. wouldn't have to make it in the morning.

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5/30/08 06:40 PM

what about the chairs? where are they from?

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5/24/08 04:45 PM


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5/10/08 11:44 AM

okay, I usually don't post on this website, but I can't help but saying something.

This person is probably 18 years old, and all of you guys are giving her a ridiculously hard time. Commenting on her laundry basket?? It's a laundry basket! And her room is absolutely tiny, it is the width of a twin bed!!

I think that yes it is cluttered, but cluttered doesn't mean messy.

The dorm room is not typical at all, and it's a nice use of space and color, you guys should stop judging so much, if you don't like it, you don't have to comment and make her feel bad about the space she lives in. She obviously did something great with her room, or else it wouldn't have been posted.

all and nice or don't post.

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4/29/08 02:08 PM