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i just want to know what kind of luggage that is....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Packing Light
7/2/09 11:41 PM

shallow grave (all time fav)
about a boy
wicker park (the red bedroom...)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Loft Living in the Movies
5/23/08 05:52 AM

i would live here forever.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY House Tour: Cabot's Orient on the Bowery
5/21/08 12:37 PM

i would suggest 2 1/2'' colonial wood (or polywood) blinds - they'll look fantastic and provide great light control. you can tilt them to allow for privacy without sacrificing too much light -- also, because the slats are wide, when they're not tilted you hardly notice them. (with a curtain or shade you only have the choice of open or closed - so you get light and no privacy or dark and private). curtains can be used to compliment the look and provide total darkness when needed. (i know a good/inexpensive referral only guy for this in west village)

i would not go with mini-blinds -- they'll bend and break and will cheapen the look of your new place. use them temporarily if needed so you're not living in a fish bowl.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Window Coverings For My Room?
4/30/08 08:34 AM

yes -- i bought a grey sleeper from them. looks great -- feels eh... i would not recommend it. also, the seating feature seems cool but never really gets can e-mail me at reeve.david@gmail for more info. otherwise, i love tiny living and their service is wonderful.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inflatable Cushion from Tiny Living
4/1/08 02:05 PM

smallest coolest at 850 sq ft?? that's gigantic for nyc standards...wasn't it 650 before?

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2008: Get Ready for April!
3/18/08 01:53 PM