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Engage them in conversation. If that fails, make the conversation about them and their interests.

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/11/14 01:27 PM

Judy, I don't think Matt's issue was with copyright. There is cheap art out there that you can buy, on etsy for example, that supports artists. I like the octopus but Matt, does not, so...
The thing that I find odd is that you stalked his comments to find what could possibly be construed as hypocrisy. But even funnier is the use of Anthropologie as an example.
Anthropologie and their sister store, urban outfitters have repeatedly ripped off small designers and artists.

Buy or DIY: Large Framed Octopus Triptych
2/17/14 12:17 PM

1.5 pounds of turkey per guest plus one.
(# of guests +1) x 1.5 pounds = Turkey.
If you want leftovers, 2 pounds per guest + 1.
Not all of the guests are going to want leftovers, but this should be enough. So if you have 5 guests and you want leftovers you would require a 12 pound bird. No leftovers, a 9 pound bird.

How Much Turkey Per Person? Use This Rule of Thumb
11/18/13 11:47 AM

Thanks for the article. I appreciate the viewpoints.

One warning about Ikea, once they get you in the floor maze, it's impossible to have less than a three hour trip there. Although I find it to be a great place to bring my two girls on a rainy day to kill some time. Every room is a new place to play house.

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All About IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Reader Intelligence Report

10/3/13 09:56 AM

I'm sorry I'm failing to see which one of my number of statements is incorrect. If I turn the Hue off with my phone can some one turn it on with just the light switch? Wouldn't my house guests need mobile devices to control the system if I turned the lights off with my phone? This seems like a fun little system but they need some type of control panel to replace the outlet switch, Otherwise those without a mobile device, plus the app, plus access to my network can only control the lights in my house when the hue isn't controlling the lights.

Philips Hue: Smarter Mood Lighting Tech Test Lab Review
8/1/13 02:22 PM

So if you have the light on and some one turns the switch off you can turn the light back on your ios device?

Philips Hue: Smarter Mood Lighting Tech Test Lab Review
8/1/13 02:09 PM

Don't block the vents. These are raised but if someone sees this and decides to do a diy alternative, do not block the vents!

Before & After: Improving a Window Air Conditioner View
7/29/13 12:22 PM

Good job.
I would suggest painting the pipe that runs along the floor from hot water heater a contrasty yellow to stand out to avoid stepping or tripping on it.

Hide an Unfinished Laundry Room with Paint & Fabric Dans Le Townhouse
7/23/13 07:32 AM

Also the KA blender also has an easy to replace part. It is common for the teeth to break apart if your blending to many hard things like margaritas(Happy Fourth). The teeth replacement is very easy.

I'm guessing people throw out some of these appliances before they realize that they are very easily fixed.

How To Replace a KitchenAid Mixer Power Cord
7/4/13 01:11 PM

Unfortunately the hue will not replace lighting in a room, only supplement it. There is no on off switch on the wall for the hue system. If you were to put this in a room as the lone lighting source you can only control it with the phone. So if I have house guests they must have a smartphone, be connected to my network, have the app, and make sure to leave the wall switch on all the time. I don't think my Father in Law will be able to function this at all. Heck my wife would be pretty pissed to have to turn on the phone to go to the bathroom at night. And forget about the kids ability to turn on and off the lights.

Philips Hue: Smarter Mood Lighting Tech Test Lab Review
6/25/13 12:48 PM

Way to set the bar!

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3/13/13 10:52 AM

There is a battery and 3G wireless in the base station, according to the website.

Scout: Home Security Aims to Protect Renters, Smart Phone Users
2/26/13 03:49 PM

Seems cool. My only turnoff is having to change 12 sets of batteries every 6-12 months. I briefly looked at the website, did anyone see if it tells you when your batteries are low?

Scout: Home Security Aims to Protect Renters, Smart Phone Users
2/25/13 09:07 PM

This sounds great until he down sold it in the second sentence "I realized that if I want to play at least half of my games, I should live two or three entire human life..." Yeah good point, I shouldn't waste my time. Why does he need 5 PS2's Boxed?

I hope he gets a good penny for this impressive collection. Maybe if I had a very large family who would appreciate this.

This Is What 30 Years of Collecting
Video Games Looks Like (and It's For Sale)

2/11/13 03:48 PM

Before shots always get me.

This is really lovely. We live on the ground floor. We get a decent amount of light but we would love some more. Even though our floors aren't dark this would definitely lighten up the room.

Before & After: A Worn Out Wooden Floor Gets a Chalk Paint Finish VanHook & Co.
1/29/13 10:07 AM

How is the swing holding up? She's four years older. Does she still use it? Did you have to make it bigger?

10 Simple Projects to Start the New Year
1/2/13 11:51 AM

@Rob Ungar
I'm sorry that I clearly upset you.
Yes it is just urban legend, but it is written into standard apartment leases. Since the lease is a legal document it might not be law but it is something of legal note. The participants have legal obligation to follow their lease.
I didn't just make it up, it's just common stuff up here. It's not written into the housing code but it is binding in most leases.

Neighbor's Treadmill Noise: Help ! Good Questions
12/13/12 08:29 AM

Depending on city codes, here in NYC it's about 70-80% of floor must be covered by rugs/ carpeting. If you are fine with her other noise you could always play this card.

Do not try and set someones schedule. No one likes to be told when they can have permission to do what they want when they really don't need it.

Tell her the noise is a problem and the vibrations are causing some small damage to items in your apartment. Offer to buy or pick out a thick rug or insulation mat to put under the treadmill. It will klll the soundwaves from the machine going down and virtually cut all the vibration to the apartment. Not only will it cut off the noise pollution in your apartment but hers will go down as well. It will really benefit her more than you.

Neighbor's Treadmill Noise: Help ! Good Questions
12/11/12 09:31 AM

That blanket is beautiful, but I'm with the others wanting the chair. Only 6 more days until the chair is available!

Win: Harbor Boysenberry Blanket and Pillow Set Holiday Giveaway
12/6/12 08:53 PM

Do I need to use the app every time I want to turn a light on or off?

Wi-Fi Adapters Let You Control Lightbulbs From Your Smartphone Design News 11.19.12
11/20/12 09:36 PM