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"At dust the house glows like a jack-o-lantern"? Dust? Oh, maybe it's just spelled differently in America! :P

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10/3/08 07:18 AM


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9/11/08 11:31 AM

Coral! For sure!

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9/9/08 07:33 PM

SNAKES! We have a corn snake in our apartment (in a tank), but the tank itself is not all that attractive. Also, it has to be up quite high because we have 2 cats who happen to be veeery curious. Perhaps you could provide some ideas/solutions for a snake habitat that is both functional and beautiful?

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8/30/08 11:44 AM

I just went out back and picked up the bicycle wheel that has been sitting in the lot behind my apartment. This is a perfect solution for those of us who are not so fortunate as to have the space to store our pots and pans in the teeny-tiny cupboards often found in small apartments. I'm on my way out to pick up some hooks. Thanks for the help!

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8/20/08 11:37 AM

Everything Ikea. Yuck.

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7/3/08 06:58 PM

A fish tank would look amazing.

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