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Cast Iron Pots and Frying Pan. I got my first frying pan from an estate sale. My husband spent hours sanding down the rust and seasoned it. Now "she" has become my best friend. I also have couple enamel cast iron pots (not the way-too-expensive La Creusets, mine are from Costco) that I use regularly for stew, braised and soup.

What Was Your Game-Changer of a Cooking Discovery? Reader Intelligence Request
6/23/14 03:57 PM

I'm cooking for 2 also. In my experience cooking is not a precise science like baking so most the time you can scale the recipe down propotionally. I always like increase the amount of vegetable especially in stew or stir-fried dishes. Sauce is a little more tricky because the propotion between fat (butter, oil, grease), flour (wheat, cornstarch) and liquid (broth, milk, water) you just have to try to find the right amount. See, smell and taste are the best "tools" to cook well. Have fun and use your intuition.

How Do I Scale a Recipe Down to Serve Two? Good Questions
6/23/14 03:41 PM

No, I don't oil the outside, but after oiling the inside I do heat the cast iron pan on the stove top for five minutes to heat the oil inside and dry out any water outside.

Do I Need to Oil the Outside of a Cast Iron Skillet? Good Questions
6/13/14 03:11 PM

It's a nice introduction to the fish sauce making, and thanks for the effort. BUT, you were in the wrong part of the country. The best fish sauce making is in Phu Quoc island off Vietnam South Coast.

When Everyone In the Village Makes Fish Sauce: A Profile of Sa Chau, Vietnam Maker Tour
6/4/14 03:32 PM

Try lettuce with potato chips, delicious!
Spring rolls, Vietnamese rice noodle bowl (shredded lettuce , mint and cilantro in the bottom, top with cooked rice noodle and some stir fried meat like chicken, pork or beef, mixed in fish sauce vinegarett and chopped roasted peanut and crisp fried shallot) and lettuce wrap.

What Can I Make With Romaine Lettuce (Besides Salads)? Good Questions
3/22/14 12:01 AM

I plan weekly menu based on what's on sales at the local grocery store (ads delivered to my mail box on Tuesday). I also stock pantry items that way. I'm the paper list gal. I normally organize the list by the route I take inside the store: vegetables and fruits, frozen, meat, breads, baking, drinks, dairy and eggs are usually the last. That way I just go down the list and check off the items without running back and forth.

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1/23/14 10:47 PM

One roasted chicken from Costco and family of 2
1) 2 wings and 1 leg and 1 thigh
2) Chicken pot pie
3) Chinese Dan Dan chicken
4) Chinese chicken lettuce wrap for lunch
5) Chicken quesadilla for lunch

My Cooking Routine: The Four Meals I Get From One Roast Chicken
10/22/13 10:26 PM

I've used my slow cooker regularly, more often in fall and winter when soup, stew, chili, and roast are preferred. My apple tree produced a good crop this year so many batches of apple butter were cooked in the slow cooker and stored away for home-made Christmas gifts later.

How Often Do You Use a Slow Cooker? Reader Survey
10/22/13 06:48 PM

Yes, guacamole freezes well. I do that all the time when I buy a two-container package from Costco, consume one and freeze the other for later. Just thaw in refrigerator. Couple months in the freezer won't hurt it.

The Best Way to Keep Guacamole Green Tips from The Kitchn
8/14/13 03:52 PM

barlowgirl, you can find boiled peanuts in Vietnamese market.

Boiled Peanuts: The Edamame of the South
7/22/13 03:36 PM

Boiled peanuts are cheap snack in Vietnam, too. They are definitely addictive.

Boiled Peanuts: The Edamame of the South
7/22/13 03:35 PM

Yes, I just came back from a 10-day vacation in Maui. We booked a studio-condo this time to have access to a full kitchen and washer and drier. We grilled shrimp one night and put together a simple salad topped with poke from grocery store for another night. We packed lunch & snack; chopped fresh fruits and mixed drinks for most days. TMHO it's better stay than hotel room!

Why Cooking on Vacation Can Make The Trip Last a Little Longer
6/18/13 03:29 PM

It's not necessary to have one because you can chop anything with a knife and a cutting board or mix dough by hand, etc. Needless to say IT"S NICE TO HAVE A FOOD PROCESSOR because it cuts down your prep time.

Do You For Reals Need a Food Processor?
5/30/13 03:33 PM

Paella (Spanish seafood rice dish) or Bouillabaise (French seafood soup). Trader Joe's sells a small jar of saffron for $5.99. Not the best, but good enough for amatuer cook.

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5/29/13 03:52 PM

You'll find Kohlrabi in Asian market, especially Japanese or Vietnamese.

Kohlrabi Is Weird! And Here's What You Can Do With It Ingredient Spotlight
5/22/13 03:48 PM

Now that's a great idea. My hubby and I have "Fry Day" on Friday all the time. We usually fry fish fillet, shrimp, mushroom, broccoli or cauliflower. Now you got me thinking about inviting friends over for "Fry Day".

Entertaining Idea: Host a BYO Fry Up
4/25/13 03:43 PM

Very nice setting. About the dripping water problem, he just has to buy pots w/ built-in bottom trays

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4/23/13 03:46 PM


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4/23/13 03:41 PM

80, not bad

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4/16/13 04:02 PM

How about using the refrigerator and microwave in the break room at work. Just make sure to label your stuff so other people won't get into it

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4/11/13 12:32 AM