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Timely post, AT. I am moving tomorrow from one 200SF Brooklyn apt to another 200SF BK apt. I featured my flat a few years ago for small cool as "Le Marais" style.
Definitely the mix of old and new is what appeals to me.
Formula I would prescribe - Eclectic style with Antique Treasures, Gilding, A touch of Luxe, Chandeliers/Sconces, Rugs, Clear/Crystal.

@citipearl - Some ideas to "recreate" architecture in our more modern homes.
1. I think investing in moulding for where the ceiling meets the walls is a worthwhile investment- even in a rental. If its a big home, just do the living and/or dining room.
2. If you do have a hanging light fixture, definitely install one of those ceiling medallions above it. Instant glamour.
3. Anthropologie, I think, still sells fabulous light switch covers. Some were sculpted looking white paint on iron. They created a fantastic transformation in my last place.
4. Framed artwork in antique/ornate frames vs. modern.
5. Room for a mantle? Paint it the same color as the wall, as illustrated in one of the pics.

The trick is to bring a little bit of that "Louis" antique, hand carved shape into a visible area, particularly to "finish" the room. Even adding a clean horizontal chair rail piece of moulding on a wall would make a difference. Lowes/Home Depot sell these things pre-painted now, if you are really trying to simplify.

Hope that helps a little bit.

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 04:16 PM

@trouty is correct that we should try to inventory and review our collections as a seasonal undertaking. (if I downsize any further, I will be living in a cubicle). Yet still:

Things that I keep intending to do (or do) to make more room and be more organized:

1. Rid of CDS - burn to MP3 or just move on from that 90's music.

2. Photographs - I know, I know - if I toss them I may regret it. Scan? Books Vs Boxed?

3. The grand rule of "if you haven't worn it in one years time - purge".

4. Art supplies - Think I might have a craft party. Who could possibly use 18 sketch books, other than a full time artist.

5. Mending - fuggettabouit. Either take them to the cobbler, dry cleaner or other - or dispose.

6. One working kitchen utensil not two. (Spatulas, Wooden Spoon, Measuring, etc..)

7. Spend several months NOT buying product and use those hotel samples. (I have done this - it works brilliantly well).

8. I have a metal box. Its contents are the things most important to grab if I ever had fire/emergency. Passport, love letters, trinkets, important docs. (It also serves as a lovely memento box when you need to review the chapters of your life.) Really focus on what exactly is most meaningful to you. Anyone who has had great loss has a very interesting perspective on "stuff".

9. Use your pantry items! I don't have one personally, but Mom does. She could eat healthfully, without spending any money for probably a month! For so many of us, it is no longer a 50 minute trek to acquire food. Let the grocery keep it in stock for you. It will probably be more fresh and less wasteful.

10. And I constantly remind myself - out of sight out of mind. Amazed at how frequently I wear the favorite clothes and shoes, or enjoy the same cookbooks. Perhaps I don't need all of these options that I keep stowed away for some day.

Good luck in Atlanta ! Thanks for sharing your experience!

And I think this blog once advised to "do it now" when organizing, so closet cleaning day includes a trip to the donation center or a scheduled call for pick-up.

5 Mistakes I Made on My Long Distance Move
10/16/13 04:27 PM


This is great! The pages are clean and well executed. And furthermore, has the good name of AT and its fine users. Very clever. Happy to subscribe.

Suzi of Collier West

Apartment Therapy's Awesome, Private Classifieds is Open For Business!
5/14/12 04:26 PM


I can get you one! It was a special order from a "to the trade only" design house that I use. It was a little smack, but not crazy smackers. Less than the cost of a good sofa, and obviously twice as useful!
You can write to me at info [at] collierwest [dot] com. Would be happy to send you details, dimensions, availability pricing....etc.

Felttip Jr...LOL I have a great photo of some dudes hanging out there sipping from the scotch decanter! Nicely noted. That boxing sign is a proud position. I had a lot of offers to purchase it when I was on ATSmall Cool 2008. One day I shall reproduce it, I suppose.

Suzi's Nod to History Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 06:18 PM

Thanks all! Super kind words. There are alot of great entries on the contest every year. So much talent. And obviously pride. We teeny-tiny people love the challenge I think!

TruMystique: It is a day-bed beneath those pillows. Twin mattress. Making the bed is a snap. What you cannot see are the sheets hidden below the duvet and something I call the Tootsie roll by Matteo. It is a bed roll that I am using on the length to create a "back of sofa" experience.

Keep the questions coming all! Happy to answer.

And if it is genie box, does that grant me any magical powers? That would be AWESOME!

Suzi's Nod to History Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 01:31 PM

You did a great job on accommodating your furnishings! And that patio is absolutely to die for- swoon. I am on here too and I did not show my backyard space, as it is not really done yet. But it is crazy 3x the size of my flat and was absolutely the draw for me too!
When you are in Brooklyn next, stop in Collier West and introduce yourself. I think our styles align.
Good luck w the contest too. Its fun...and truly we could never fit this many people into our homes for a real tour! LOL.

Michelle's Dream Space Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 10:17 PM

I curated the rug from an importer a year ago when I was at attending the HighPoint Market. Give me some time, and I may find you one too!

In the interim, check out ABC Home, or there is this INCREDIBLE shop that I pass when I walk my dog in Brooklyn. The are called KEA. and my next flooring purchase will come from them. I think they have the most decadent taste I have witnessed in carpets, maybe ever.

These are frequently referred to as "patchwork" rugs and are created of vintage rugs that are upcycled and recut and sewn. I think of Pakistan.

The rug came first...then the rest of the decor built around it. So thank you so much for your nod. I have never worked with pink before, but am definitely enjoying it as a POP.

Suzi's Nod to History Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 05:15 PM

The sofa is actually a day bed with a twin mattress! I just remove the pillows each night. It is quite spacious for one plus dog.

And I just uploaded some additional photos on my blog.
Check it out and see if you can get a better sense of the kitchen. Small spaces are so very very hard to photograph when you are wedged into a corner!

Suzi's Nod to History Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 12:34 PM

Hi all. The multi drawer piece is called an Amberg Patent File. It has over 60 drawers. I have all of my personal accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves in a portion of it. Then all office needs: stationery, bills, electronic cords, etc.. and finally journals, books. Had I not found the large piece in the kitchen, it would have held dishes too!

With small places, I don't think you have to stop at the "exact" room location for storage. One centralized piece can do a lot of tricks. I learned this once observing a French couple pull their fine china out of a dresser that was positioned in a living room.

Suzi's Nod to History Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 10:48 AM

When you are ready to do a week long swap- NY for LA, hit me back. What a great space! Feng Shui and wabi sabi. Lovely!

Adam's Afternoon Light Small Cool Contest
4/20/12 09:19 AM

Aaron this is such a cool space. I hope you enter it into other contests. Something green and eco-friendly? I think the plywood texture, accompanied by your other wares is gorgeous wabi-sabi.


Aaron's Opportunity to Experiment Small Cool Contest
4/15/12 01:55 PM

Curated with a capital C. Nicely done. Fantastic use of texture and beloved objects.

Charlotte's Decorative Arrangement Small Cool Contest
4/15/12 01:49 PM

Make Design: Do a paint trick. Paint a 2 shades darker color horizontally along the bottom, but lower than a typical chair rail height. Maybe to your knees or just above. Consider a moulding strip like chair rail. Paint the upper 3/4 a lighter color.
Paint the chair rail the lightest of them all and potentially to match the ceiling.
(think cream or matte white).

This should do the trick. Send me a picture and I can help further if you like.

New Year, New Thinking: Fresh Ideas to Make ANY Small Space Feel Larger
1/18/12 01:21 PM

Hey Faith! Quite timely. Frequently thought of as "gruel" , you make these look and sound delish!
I wanted to add that you can substitute hot rice cereal for alot these for those who are wheatfree. I also found that if I over create the recipe and put in the fridge, uncovered- it creates this polenta like patty that can be turned into a base for a million delicious leftover ideas. Savory with fresh chevre and spinach or yum yum with broiled apple and cinnamon as a dessert.

Thanks for all of the great posts of lately.


A Hot Breakfast: 10 Nourishing Oatmeal & Porridge Recipes to Warm Winter Mornings
1/16/12 02:06 PM

Just found this resin bug link on instructables for DIY. Its like watching a silent film, except for the birds chirping in the background. Enjoy:

Collier West: Chandeliers & Artisan-Designed Items
Store Profile

4/16/11 11:57 PM

Poking around online searching our name and found this unanswered post.
Better late than never!

thenewblack: If you cannot find a good deal at CW, you haven't been in for a long while. I continue to curate great finds and support artists not factories. And quite frankly, we should all be supporting our inspired visionaries. I got the biggest hug and thank you yesterday from a local artist that we career launched. It was a proud moment, as I am always the first to offer that free advice and disclose business wisdom.

For the AT readers: The artist that glues: Erica DiPaolo. She is a Columbus resident and was recently signed by a representative that has gotten her work into Harrod's after being discovered by CW.

The Brancheliers are hand crafted and take about 3 solid weeks to create. They are comprised of naturally harvested hickory and each is finely "screwed" into a crafted base. Getting the abundance into the design is an art form. Much like delicious oranges from the south or Ohio corn, if there is a harsh winter, the chandelier cannot be constructed, as the hickory buds are eaten by hungry little bunnies. This is a recent fact from the artist....who knew? Hence the exclusivity of the design. They are indeed wired throughout and UL certified, which for reference is apparently a really respectable and expensive endeavor.

I make jewelry under the name Pont Neuf. I started teaching myself how to do that about 18 months ago, after admiring work from other inspiring artists. But it is in fact the only thing produced by me.

Mouth blown Juliska lights are from outside of Prague where the locals have been passing down the technique from generation to generation for over a hundred years.

Christopher Marley of Pheromone is our bug guy. He is amazing and you can think of him like a cool collector and preservationist.

FL Scott: Great story about those DIY shelves. I was building the store over 6 years ago and my friend and contractor had a little brother who was also in construction. A building was being torn down in Old Town East and we were able to salvage the joists. Another friend in Hocking Country sanded and resurfaced them to make my shelves. They hang from "airline cable" from deep within the ceiling. My installer had to climb through the AC duct to get into the ceiling. I later found out that he was claustrophobic and terrified. When I asked about their strength, he told me I could climb them with a Volkswagen in my pocket. I always thought that was funny. The whole thing was a comedy scene.

If you have other questions about the origins of our lines, let me know and I will do my best to answer. I have met nearly every one of our designers, and always have a good story to tell. (Ask me about the Love Heals Jewelry line!)

Collier West: Chandeliers & Artisan-Designed Items
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4/16/11 11:36 PM

Oh...and do I have a pinocchio bird feeder curiosity for you! Soon to post it online.

Good luck with Small Cool.

Rich's Constantly Changing Home
4/14/11 12:48 AM

Nicely done. You should apprentice with John Derian.

And please post a close-up of the up-cycled chair in the kitchen which looks like it reads "depressed."

I love your sense of style coupled with whimsy and maximalism. Looks like you really live there. A plus.

-Suzi West

Rich's Constantly Changing Home
4/14/11 12:46 AM

Terrific space. I was the small cool Midwest winner in 2008 (or 2007, maybe). At any rate, it was prior to the teeny tiny category which is my fav.
You rocked it. Efficient, elegant, original, liveable and inspirational.
I love the previous comment from the 900SF admirer that respected your choices.
What I find about living small, are some of the bonuses that the rest of the world may never discover living in their large never lose your keys, less means more in the form of great dinners out (and "in"- in many cases), great frequency of travel, less excessive-ness and potentially cultural enlightment. It seems when you free yourself from yards, housework, visitors (one of the other benefits of living small cool...mothers and nephews have to sleep on the floor or book a hotel!) you gain time, income and general mental clarity.

All that being said, I am trying to relocate to the city. GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT. I want it. NOW.

Again, just great. Kudos to you and the Mrs.
Glad you opted to participate. The commenting alone is a part time job.
Good luck.
Suzi West
Collier West

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/14/11 12:31 AM

Modern Guy
I just finished showing at HighPoint and have asian character prints hanging on the wall. I will be here one more day, so hit me with an email if you would like some pics of the remaining works before I leave here!
Suzi from Collier West
info (at)

**check out our blog next week for details of our finds at HighPoint too! AT, sorry we missed you. We hosted a killer space in the new Antique and Design Center. White taxidermy peacocks and early american antiquities. Bill Indursky from VandM gave a great trend lecture in our space.

Maxwell's People Pics & Highlights
High Point Market Spring 2011

4/7/11 08:17 PM