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Suzi, Lisette, Stephanie, Rachel

Working from the bottom up, while I appreciate the sentiment that if they owned, imagine what they'd do, I'm not buying it. Rachel is working with grad school chic, kudos to that, and is out of her league. Stephanie needs to calm her reupholstering bug but does seem to have an eye for incidentals.

Then, there's Lisette. I do like it a lot, the colors, the mix and match… the music poster is awesome, but it’s floor-crowded. I want to take a nap in the bed, but I’m afraid I’d wake up, stumble to my feet, and stub a toe. Every time. Plus, while I own up to my psychosis here, the duvet is terribly reminiscent of my mother’s early 70s dressing room drapery and makes me oddly uncomfortable.

Suzi, oh Suzi, pristine, airy, fun.

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5/2/08 06:43 AM

equal parts chic and sleek, old, new... J'aime la juxtaposition

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