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Teak is a forgiving wood and durable wood, hence why outdoor furniture is often made from it. There was a discussion recently on ask metafilter from someone asking a similar question.

Safely Protecting a Teak Table? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
11/25/09 11:19 AM

To the more bawdy I suppose other imagery does come to mind, but my inspiration truly was a cardioid! A streak of sci-fi nerdery helped (ex. Battlestar Galactica badge)

Sofa in front of the mantel because a more spiritual guest once insisted that facing a black porlet, even if obscured (mantel is planked-over), is inauspicious.

Slice of wood was from a flea market; refinished; hairpin legs off the internets.

Look! String Art above the Mantel | Apartment Therapy New York
11/10/09 07:06 PM

@amed studio: I think that putting it on foamcore or canvas is missing the point of "wall art"... there's a distinctly different aesthetic feel to something that's applied directly to a large surface vs hung up, that's why I think people get off on it. And, really, my design is 90 pinholes pushed halfway into the wall -- small enough to simply paint over vs spackling/painting over gaping holes from anchors.

@petrofoam: google "string art cardioid" (cardioid is the geometric curve of what I did, essentially two connected points traveling around a circle at different speeds) and you'll find tons more examples of different patterns.

Wall Art with Thumbtacks and Paper Doilies | Apartment Therapy New York
11/10/09 10:57 AM

I also made some wall art for myself with thumbtacks... and a few hundred feet of thread.

Apartment Therapy New York | Wall Art with Thumbtacks and Paper Doilies
11/9/09 03:04 PM

I'll hold my opinions on the issue of covering up technology in the in the home, but, whatever your viewpoint, making sure that those electronics are well-ventilated is key to ensuring fire safety as well as longevity of the appliances. In the first picture it appears that the cable box or dvd player was placed vertically -- really inconvenient if you have to actually use the thing, but looks necessary given the shallow space. However, in the bedroom pictures, I think the comments about the viewing angle are really important. With the bed right in front of the TV like that you'd have fairly poor viewing even if you were sitting straight up in bed. And even though LCDs these days have really wide viewing angles, you won't get the optimal picture when viewing from steeper angles.

Finally, it's a losing game. It might just be TVs now that people worry about, but there is absolutely no doubt that technology will continue to encroach inside our everyday living spaces. Covering things up is not a long term solution (especially if you actually use the technology!) -- we need to build furniture and spaces that can interact better with current technology and evolve for future needs. Just my opinion, but the future will require much tighter communication and integration between furniture makers and technology producers. If I buy a nice piece of furniture that I expect to hand to my (someday) children, I need to think about how its use might change as technology and our social interaction with technology change.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Hide Your TV Monitor with Style
3/30/09 10:20 AM

yes, sure

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7/14/08 11:51 AM