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I'm gonna agree about the easiness of crib sheet making. I made 5 sheets over 4 years ago when I was due with my first and it was soooo freakin' simple. I even got my fabric on sale at Joanns and ended up paying a grand total of $12.67 for 5 sheets.

I'm growing baby #3 right now, and those sheets are still lookin' great! With the spacing between my kids, they have been in constant rotation with no break in sight. Not too shabby, I'd say.

Make Your Own Crib Sheets | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/13/10 09:14 PM

I'm wholeheartedly agree with JaySaint--that pic almost made me cry it's so perfect!

Congratulations on your first year with such a lovely :)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Happy Birthday Lillia
5/12/09 03:13 PM

i want to shop at you thrift store! great job!!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Smaller Cooler 2009: Judah's Thrifty and Tiny Nursery
5/11/09 04:10 PM

I'm with melonkelli. The Ikea Gulliver would be a very close match sans the canopy.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: DIY or More Affordable Canopy Crib?
5/6/09 07:11 PM

eribear12 and racheloncegentry: it's actually not a stencil. we used a photocopy of a etsuko furuya fabric and an opaque projector to blow it up on the wall. we then outlined it in chalk and painted in the lines.

TinaM: it's a vintage Patricia Ellen Ricci poster using a quote by Satchel Paige. we happened to purchase it at the same thrift store we purchased the butterfly chair for $1 as well. i can't stress enough how much i love that store :)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Make a Butterfly Chair Cover Veronica's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/27/09 09:34 PM

Very versatile idea.

And inkstainedwriter, are you going to give us a blog address?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Make a Hanging Book Display Megan's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/26/09 12:58 PM

Ventana tripod all the way...

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6/12/08 06:11 PM

Thanks for the comments everyone!

PP & Keri: The colors used were Olympic Paint in Schooner (darker) & Splish Splash (lighter) in satin finish.

And FYI, the liners were made using Amy Butler Acanthus from the Belle collection for the fronts and grey Kona cotton for the rest.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | #11- Walter Esther's Closet
4/7/08 12:09 PM

I really like this idea. I am especially intrigued by the idea of "sealing" the fabric with acrylic matte varnish. Did you use Modge Podge or something from the hardware store? Does the fabric keep some suppleness or has it become more rigid?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | #1 - Boom Boom Bins
4/1/08 06:22 PM

Like others have commented about these BPA-free bottles, it's the nipple that is really bothering me. With my first child, I used Playtex Nursers w/the drop in liners. They prevented gas, I could freeze my breastmilk in the liner easily, and the nipples were fantastic. Also, this makes the items that the baby would come in contact with (the liner and the nipple) BPA-free. So, I guess I'll be using these again for baby #2 due in June.

Just thought I'd mention this as another alternative.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thinkbaby Baby Bottles
2/8/08 06:04 AM

I'm in love.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #7: Shauna's DIY Mirrored Dresser
1/25/08 08:09 AM

visualingual--We debated the skulls but realized it was done in a way that incorporated it into the fun, natural spirit of the whole design. And you're right, in a couple of years it will be redone to our toddlers' tastes.

mh330--We did one coat of the painted design, wiped away the chalk lines, then did a 2nd coat to clean up edges and fill in the spotty parts. Also, I'm curious on how your stencil would work. Keep us posted!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #4: WVSmith's Gender Neutral Shared Nursery
1/23/08 12:27 PM

I'm with monika1--just hang good stuff in family spaces. We actually do have nice art in our child's nursery, however, it is part of own collection and has been rotated around the house. Later on, when more aware, if our child specifically requests a piece of art from our collection be hung in his room until he's ready for another piece, I would be happy to oblige.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Expensive Art in the Playroom
1/23/08 03:42 AM

I'm with you Sarah in Nola. And getting a slip cover is just as expensive. I think it would be cheaper if you just purchased the chair in the twill and had a local upholsterer or seamstress custom make a slip cover for you.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | New Fabrics at PB Kids
1/5/08 05:31 AM


And, if I won this, the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah.

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Geneva Sound System
11/30/07 06:45 AM

another vote for the sink.

Apartment Therapy - WashPOD Bath Tub
11/6/07 06:39 AM

I think it's a fine idea--ONLY if they make one for me too! There are times when the Mr. and I are shopping that one of us would love to be pushed around with a little television at our disposal.

While we avoid taking our little one to the grocery store for a long trip (usually he stays home with one of us), sometimes it can't be helped. If this made it more bearable for him, I say why not? I absolutely abhor grocery shopping so I can sympathize with the child who does too!

Apartment Therapy - High Tech Shopping Carts
10/1/07 05:50 AM

I wholeheartedly agree with the Ikea Expedit suggestion. You can even buy storage bins that slide in and out and it can double as a dresser.

Also, the Ikea Gulliver crib has the right price point and clean lines that work with most decorating styles.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: The $500.00 Nursery
9/28/07 05:23 PM

Um, maybe I'm misunderstanding, but does it only count as reading if it's a book?

I'm normally an avid book reader but that has declined with the birth of our first child. If it wasn't for the internet, I'm not sure how much reading I'd be able to get in. I know for a fact my husband reads more than he used to due to the internet. He follows certain blogs, political news/opinion, and catches up on sports/entertainment throughout the day, EVERY day.

The mere popularity of blogs is proof that people are indeed reading. And while some blogs are fluff, just like books, there are some that have insightful commentary, beautiful prose, and some good old-fashioned fiction.

Apartment Therapy - Blogging NPR: Americans Don't Read
9/13/07 08:00 AM

After our son started crawling we had to rearrange our living room which doubles as his playroom. In an effort to baby-proof and create a large enough central space, everything was pushed to the walls. This meant we had to move some furniture items out to make room for the essentials. That meant our big, old, boxy television had to go as we had nothing deep enough for it sit on and try as we might, it wouldn't hang on the wall.

No television is no fun.

We have since found an alternative, which at first seemed pretty sweet, but there are limitations. Popcorn and soda seem to be plentiful but we can only watch t.v. between the hours of 8am-10pm Mon-Friday, 9am-9pm Sunday (though we may be able to have more hours during the holiday season). Also, the programming is almost non-existent.

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9/9/07 04:16 PM