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Here's the thing... I work in the decor industry as an architect's assistant and after seeing the price of truly high end custom pieces of furniture, lighting, wallcoverings, and so much more it makes me realize how grossly overpriced Anthro is. I love their stuff but the truth is their items, especially furniture and lighting, does not lend itself to industry price standards, craftsmanship standards, or common sense. They really need to price their items more realistically for its quality.

Anthropologie Announces New Decorator Concept Shops
3/11/11 05:14 PM

I agree... This is not a makeover. Take into account that it is 1. A set and not a real room. 2. It is taken with professional lighting at the perfect angle. 3. It's not showing any inventive way of changing your furniture in a DIY way it's just showing you how to buy more ikea products.

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/5/10 08:25 PM

I saw that Urban sofa at the store...I can tell you it looks A LOT smaller in person and while not the worst sofa ever it's not exactly great.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Sofabed Suggestions?
11/14/08 05:13 PM

You could paint it white (which always gives it a certain look). To me though the real problem is the countertops/floor which you're replacing and the cabinets. I honestly think painting the cabinets a different possibly quirky? color or even a chic color would change the whole look of the brick wall.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Dealing with Faux Brick in the Kitchen?
11/6/08 06:37 AM

I have almost bought this a few times but here are my problems:

1. What does it look like after a few washes?
2. West Elm is HORRIBLE about ambiguous color. They put lables of what the colors are but then they have like 4 different pictures and the color looks different in each one.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Other Sculptural Duvets?
10/17/08 12:10 PM

Yeah I'm thinking I really need to start moving in that direction. I was actually VERY close to selling my kind of bland WEst Elm couch for the Urban Outfitters fainting sofa I've almost bought for years....Then I looked it up on flickr and saw that while it is very cute it is VERY small. In UO pictures they put it in a completely empty room so you have no idea what the scale of it is. You see the lengths but you dont see that the length includes the giant arms...

Anyways I suggest ESPECIALLY when buying from Urban Outfitters you really look on flickr, the pieces end up looking cheaper in person.

I know my problem is: 1 my West Elm is outside the city and I dont drive. 2. The places that I can go to in the city to look at furniture are outlandishly expensive.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To Abuse Furniture: aka Testing It Out
10/16/08 10:09 PM

Her box?

6500 dollars?!

Sometimes Domino really frustrates me when it contradicts itself.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Trendspotting: Nouveau 80's
10/16/08 09:51 AM

I agree with so many of your comments. I have been horrified enough that 80s fashion has been in for like 4 f*ing years now and now we have to deal with it in interior design too! UGH!

There are some good pieces but as someone who is such an expert as she is the entire look is what matters and it just DOES NOT WORK. PLEASE do not let this become a trend PLEASE do not let this work be called "trendy and hip"

It's not, it's been done--it was ugly then and it is ugly now.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Trendspotting: Nouveau 80's
10/15/08 07:44 PM

I just bought a cow hide...

I think the reason we all reacted to the Tiger hide was because of the problems there have been with tiger conservation. I mean I know that she had had it for a long time but to me it represented how tigers first began to dwindle in numbers...

I know I'm being a bit of a hypocrite by buying a cow hide, but I do eat beef, and I do wear leather so I don't know...

Apartment Therapy New York | The Elephant In The Room: Taxidermy, Hides, and Ethics in Decorating
10/15/08 09:19 AM

I always suggest this but a muted teal blue would look awesome in here. It would give it a pop, and in my opinion it would make some of the more traditional items in the room feel a bit more ironic rather than just traditional. Perhaps even paint the doors another color, like white against the teal, or a different shade of teal.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Do You Have Paint Suggestions For This Room?
10/15/08 08:43 AM

I love that you seemed to mix expensive with eclectic. Like in the bathroom you have these very chic, expensive, modern basin sings but then you mix it with these eclectic interesting knick knacks on the counter.

The whole apartment is great. I love how well you kept the line going at the top and sides of your picture cluster.

Apartment Therapy DC | East #56: Damien Rachel's Chromatic Casa
10/15/08 08:40 AM

WOW. I am so shocked. Urban has great design and great prices but this makes me so nervous. I have been going back and fourth on buying one of their fainting sofa's and really want to see a picture of it before I buy it. I know a lot of urban stuff ends up looking smaller and cheaper in person.

Wow...That is just SO unfortunate. How difficult would it have been for UO to put wood slats on the back? Or even imitation wood...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Check Flickr Before Ordering Furniture Online
10/13/08 01:28 PM

Okay... I have seen that floor cushion from West Elm about 5 million times and every time I see it (or a carpet like it) I get even more angry. How the heck do you seriously expect someone to have a FLOOR cushion, FLOOR being the operative word, that is not only WHITE but FUR (or furlike). My god this thing would look like crap within about 2 weeks. Not to mention a carpet EEEEEK!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Floor Cushions
10/8/08 04:40 PM

I think this looks absolutely AWESOME but I have had the MOST difficult time with floating shelves haha. Mine look absolutely horrible. I can hardly put anything on them, they sag, and they are just a complete pain in general.

If anyone plans on doing something like this to be honest I would suggest hiring a handy man to put the shelves up...It's worth it!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Flickr Finds: Floating Shelf Library
10/8/08 04:37 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest Fall Cure 08: Sign Up and Get Oriented Week Zero
10/6/08 11:12 PM

I mean beyond the fact that we all hate that there is a tiger on the wall that room is just plain tacky. There is no way around it. Without the tiger even if it were fake the room is really really ugly.
The other rooms are mediocre at best.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Mary's Animal-Inspired HomeWashington, DC
10/2/08 10:25 PM

Yum the blue room reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's "new" apartment in the Sex and the City movie.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Color Combinations
10/2/08 11:24 AM

I think with Shabby Chic the MOST important thing is not too go into the cutesy cutesy zone. I went into this Shabby Chic store in Chicago and as cute as a lot of the items were their main decorating scheme was pale creams and pastel pinks and it just looked like a nightmare in my opinion.

I really find it interesting when people do shabby chic with a pop of color on the walls. I love the toned down teal someone posted. Also I saw this beautiful feature in Domino where someone did one wall in a very deep midnight blue. Also a light grey could be a nice contrast to the frill.

I think something you have to keep in mind with shabby chic is to remain modern, don't go for the cliches or its going to look froo froo. NO PINK! NO PASTEL!

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Paint Colors for Shabby Chic Style?
10/2/08 10:55 AM

I have been looking for a mirror like this EVERYWHERE. The only ones I have found are white...and 600 dollars. Can anyone tell me where I can get a similar one to the black one shown here?

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #8: Gigistephiez's Color with Conscience
10/2/08 09:37 AM

As beautiful as this carpet is the reason its probably marked down is because it would look like a rag in about a week. Can you imagine? A furry white carpet! EEEk the dust alone would make it gross.

Apartment Therapy New York | DesignMarks: Octo Lambskin Rug by Jason
10/1/08 07:00 PM