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WOW. Just WOW. All this style AND small space solutions. This is so far the winner, it almost doesn't seem fair. These people are obviously professionals. AT really needs two categories.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalist #2: Loulou and Nico's Duplex Deluxe
5/13/08 05:45 PM

Makes me hungry. When's the party?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest Finalist: John's Mission Melange
5/13/08 05:35 PM

I liked this entry the first time around, and now I don't. It seems like the furniture is just sort of shoved against the walls for the most part, and the whole place feels chilly, and rather impermanent. I also started thinking about kitchen smells wafting up into the childrens' bedrooms--How do they sleep when you've been cooking with garlic? Or fish? Or am I mistaken, and do those areas completely close?
And yes, when I see a photo of your daughter on her knees on the bare floor, I think to myself "give up a little of your minimalist esthetic and get the kid a rug to play on for goodness sake".

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalist: Family of Four’s “Two Bedroom” Studio
5/13/08 05:31 PM

It seems much larger than 441 square feet--does that include the balcony? Very sophisticated, yet quirky at the same time. A worthy contender. Brava.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Stephanie's Life of Pie
5/13/08 05:20 PM