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Investing the time to properly care for wooden utensils instead of chucking them every few years to buy more plastic crap is the *opposite* of a first world problem. Srsly.

Homemade Wooden Spoon Butter: For Buffing, Not Eating!
5/7/13 01:22 PM

>>Why buy a 19th century home when you would have been happier in a 21st century condo?

Wait, what? Do a Google image search for "luxury condo kitchen" -- go ahead, we'll wait -- and you'll see pages and pages of pictures exactly like that one. Solid wood or not, those cabinets look like exactly what they are: a trendy, contemporary, "luxury" kitchen remodel.

That said, I wouldn't paint the cabinets, either. It's a huge pain and hassle to paint them, and an even bigger one to strip them later if they outlive your current aesthetic. Start with wall paint, rugs, lighting fixtures, art -- relatively simple and cheap changes which might make the cherry cabinets easier to live with.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint These Cabinets for More Modern Look? Good Question#comments#comments
10/5/09 07:50 PM

> makes me wonder whether Wes and Kayla own hangers.

Makes me wonder whether you own sweaters. Medium- and heavy-weight knits should be dried flat to avoid stretching out the neck and shoulders. I drape mine over two or more rungs of the drying rack to distribute the weight.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Where Do You Hang Wet Laundry?#comments
12/17/08 07:05 PM

I have a collapsible drying rack that I set up in the corner of my bedroom; when not in use it stores neatly behind the laundry basket in my closet. A good, sturdy drying rack is one of those little things that really simplifies chores and makes your home feel tider and better organized.

I haven't used the Ikea rack, but it looks a little flimsy. This one costs a bit more, but is well-reviewed and ships for free.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Where Do You Hang Wet Laundry?
12/17/08 03:59 PM

A friend of mine uses an ordinary counter-height dresser, topped with a slab of marble, as a kitchen island. Quirky, thrifty, and practical.

Apartment Therapy DC | Dresser in the Kitchen
11/3/08 01:52 PM

Interesting -- I've never heard "Minor" used for the area south of Capitol Hill. The street signs say "Welcome to Squire Park," and most people refer to that neighborhood (along with the area designated "Mann") as the Central District. (For reference, do a search of those neighborhood names on Seattle's craigslist.)

Anybody know how Ork chooses/confirms "official" neighborhood names? I'm glad to see they're working on Seattle, though. This is great!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ork Posters' Seattle Design Open for Feedback#comments
9/23/08 12:30 PM