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All form, no function. Thanks, but no, even though "we" also am one of those people who scrub the sink every time.

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6/6/08 12:57 PM

Nice-looking transformation Shayna.

I tried the tile grout coat you mention, it works semi-well, but I came up with my own mixture that works MUCH better. I mixed some acrylic semi-gloss white paint and patching plaster. It covers better and is more durable. For better results seal afterward.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Our Kitchen/Office Space Before and After: Part 1
5/24/08 01:31 PM

Stick-on stainless steel laminate. Cost about $25 per roll, big enough to cover that area and a little more should you wish to put a stainless steel table next to the stove. :o)

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can I Temporarily Cover Up These Kitchen Tiles?
5/2/08 10:02 AM

I just registered to say that that sign over the bed is the coolest thing I have ever seen in AT.

Now that I de-lurked I won't shut up. :)

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4/25/08 07:56 AM