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Just the kind of home I like. Perfectly balanced between white walls and dark furniture & floor. Minimalist but not the typical white/black combination.

I can't forget to mention the Mozart picture. Funny pop art!

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3/13/08 09:58 AM

Thanks for the trick! It was really useful!

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3/3/08 12:25 PM

It is the coulour I wanted for painting our coffee shop walls, but my partnert didn't want. I'll show her these pictures for her to see how pretty it is!

Apartment Therapy - ColorTherapy: Claret, Again
10/9/07 08:56 AM

Two years have passed since my visit to London. I am sure I won't wait 2 more years to go back there. It is an exciting city! This photos reminded me my walks trhough the fantastic Notting Hill area. I', taking note of this shop's adress to make a visit. Thanx for all!

AT Europe: London - Paul Smith's Westbourne House Flagship Store
8/7/07 06:23 AM

Hydrangeas (Called "hortensias" in galician, my language) came originally from Japan, but found a perfect climate here for growing, and you can see them in almost every garden in our region. If Chamellia is the national flower of Galicia, hydrangea should be the princess.

They grow and flower better if planted in garden, 'cos in pots they'll never get their best.

PlantTherapy: Hydrangeas in Summer
8/6/07 07:13 AM

Tulips have gone in my garden at least three weeks ago. It seems that Spring comes arrives here earlier than to New York.
Tulip is one of my favorite flowers.
Mattplantguy gave good advice on how to have different plants that bloom in different moments of the year, not all at a time. If you want flowers in winter, I'd recommend you a cammelia tree, narcissus and primulas, they blossom in december-january, at least here in Galicia, that has an oceanic climate (very similar to Oregon/Washington one)
The pics are really really awesome.

PlantTherapy: Tulips are Going Fast
5/13/07 04:39 PM

Black&white is an elegant combination, but not in tiles, and blue wall doesn't help. I agree with maxwell: cover the tiles and paint the wall in white. Then, add something in red, like a vase. Hugs from Europe!

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4/18/07 06:54 AM