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NO TAPE! I had a house we did some renovations/updates to before selling: the tape was tedious and got us more blotches than not. (think very old plaster or patched walls) I am a professional artist, so that probably helps in the way of not allowing mistakes - but honestly after having painted about 12 rooms, I don't think anyone would need tape to cut a clean straight line. If you're scared to go no tape just go slowly. Most paints are forgiving enough. You'll get it. Go bold, no tape. (it's way cheaper too!)

Is This Don't Actually a Do? Skipping the
Painter's Tape

9/16/13 03:26 AM

Here's a newer link to the how to de-clutter a kitchen!

How to Have a Gorgeous and Organized Kitchen!

3/10/12 01:03 PM