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Hello, these are my terrariums.

Idea Chick, I bought all of these bowls at a thrift store. The largest one was handmade and the smallest one has "Bishop's Awards Dinner" etched in gold on the side. I've seen some nice glass containers at Michael's but many times thrift store finds are much, much cheaper and so unique.

In order for the succulents to work well you really do need an open-mouthed container. You also need lots of gravel at the bottom for drainage and a layer of activated charcoal wards off mold. Mist sparingly.

First5times, my cats love to pull up the plants and bat them about. I've had to be clever about where I put them. After the 'newness' goes away they are less likely to molest them.

If anyone would like to see more plants in glass containers which I brazenly refer to as terrariums, you can visit my terrarium set here: http://flickr.com/photos/exlibris/sets/72157601826508242/

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4/24/08 08:44 PM