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Design Sponge already did this (but better).

Live Like Amelie
10/16/10 03:03 PM

These are pretty but sooo expensive. You can find really cute terrarium-type things at thrift stores for under $5. Cookie jars, large vases, large candle holders, cake trays, etc.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Modern Terrariums
5/29/09 01:19 PM

I think painting all of the walls/"ceilings" would make a big difference.
It looks like you want to keep your lamps, but my first suggestion was going to be get rid of the floor lamp - the scale might not work with the low ceilings.
Some sort of bookcase that is low enough to fit along the wall would look cozy. And a big area rug would be nice too.

My house has a finished attic just like this. It's hard to work with.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Decorate an Attic Living Room?
1/30/09 02:46 PM

I'd play The Mars Volta for the Martians!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Acoustic Research AV100b
10/23/08 10:51 AM

Butter Cream is the best! I can't bring myself to buy any other scent because BC is so delicious.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Favorite Yankee Candle Scent?
9/23/08 08:45 AM

A lot of people will say to paint it white... but the furniture is so bulky I think that would make it look way too "country". I'd go for a dark brown/black stain or paint and definitely change the hardware.

If you're at all able to I would paint the walls. It would make such a big difference. A few well placed lamps instead of overhead lighting would make the room feel nice and cozy too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Modernize this Bedroom Set? Chicago
9/2/08 02:39 PM

One of my cats will go nuts for twisty ties. I used to worry that he'd swallow them, but I'm pretty confident that he just likes to throw them around.

Also, boxes are a favorite. Especially boxes that are just a little too small to fit into.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Best Cat Toys That Cost Nothing
9/2/08 10:31 AM


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7/11/08 03:35 PM

the biggest mess I've ever made? Adopting 5 longhair kitties! I'd love that vacuum.

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7/10/08 05:12 PM


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6/27/08 02:17 PM

Open all of the windows at night.

During the day, keep all of the ground floor windows and blinds closed. But, open the second story windows and any doors leading upstairs. The hot air will rise up & out as much as it can.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Can We Cool Down Our Apt.?
6/13/08 08:08 PM

it's got to be lemon meringue.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Emile Henry Pie Dish
6/13/08 08:00 PM

The chore I loathe the most is taking the garbage out to the curb. I've made a trade off with my partner - if he takes the garbage & recycling out once a week I'll clean the litter boxes every day.

I also hate putting away the groceries after a long shopping trip.

Other than those two, I generally love cleaning and find it relaxing.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Most Hated House Chores
5/30/08 08:59 AM

I've always thought clotheslines were charming. Even if they were ugly, who cares? Dryers are responsible for 6-10% of your household energy bill... that makes clotheslines A LOT more attractive to me.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Look! Clotheslines in Italy#comments#comments
5/19/08 09:54 AM

I use Perfect Litter ( It clumps, it's flushable, and doesn't smell like wet hay as I've found a lot of "hippie" litters do. Plus, it turns bright pink if your cat has a UTI. Pretty cool stuff.

They ship it to you in the mail, two bags a month. At first I thought that was weird and wasteful. But now I'm glad when it shows up on my doorstep. Oh, and it weighs next to nothing! Really weird the first time you pick it up.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Biodegradable Kitty Litter
5/13/08 02:51 PM

This book would look nice on my shelf...

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5/8/08 12:08 PM

I love seattle & I love art!

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5/1/08 12:03 PM

I love the floral curtains in the living room. I think it's a really warm and cozy place. The only thing I didn't really like was the big brown couch.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #30: JW Opted for Rehab
4/24/08 11:33 AM