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What is the paint color for #1, or what is a good approximation?

Small Space Solution: Curtains Instead of Doors
8/3/11 04:51 PM

Yes, I want to know more about the nightstand/ bedside table in picture #4 too. Can anyone suggest something similar?

Jeff Andrews' Interpretation of the New Traditional Style
4/19/11 04:38 PM

What kind of hook is he using? Where do you buy it? More information would be helpful.

Place Your iPad Out Of Harm's Way With a Pegboard | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/12/10 05:03 PM

Does anybody have ideas for utilizing PICTURE MOLDING to hang curtains?

How to Hang Curtains Without Making Holes in the Wall? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/3/10 01:58 PM

Agree with Lal, mishmosh and others demonstrating some social awareness. Thank you.

This young woman living in a pod in China is admirable and making the right decision for her situation.

Small Space Extreme in Beijing | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/29/10 12:52 PM

Chopsticks work too.

Good Product: Wooden Toaster Tongs | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/18/10 08:06 PM

Some recipes advise letting the batter sit for 1 hours. Some do not. Does someone know why you should let some batters sit and use other batters right away?

How To Make Light And Fluffy Pancakes Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/11/10 01:17 PM

I got my two cats commissioned. I love it!

Pet Portraits | Apartment Therapy DC
12/29/09 08:25 PM

please please please pick me. Thank you!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection II - Michael Jackson
7/2/09 01:38 PM

Yes, actual instructions, please!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Create An Outdoor Dining Room
6/9/09 08:39 PM

Is the color in the first pic Benjamin Moore Aura Blue Echo?

Also, is anyone concerned about hanging art above your head in earthquake country? I like the look, but am afraid of getting bonked on the head.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Roundup: Bedroom Art Over Head
1/14/09 04:05 PM

I bought an acrylic hand towel stand from Marshall's. It has four "spokes" sticking out. Works great for hanging necklaces, and looks good too!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round Up: Storing Jewelry
5/29/08 10:41 PM

this is new... the new thing is the self-gripping hook.

I have picture railing in my old apartment. I have had a hell of a time finding picture hanging tools that can accommodate hanging art in vertical alignment. It's impossible, because each piece of art requires its own picture-molding hook.

But this AS system lets you hang several pictures along a single cord with the self-gripping hooks.

But I am unwilling to pay $17.50 for ground shipping for $3 hooks!! Are there any local retailers that sell this????

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Gallery Art Hanging System
4/23/08 12:14 PM