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I love the tile top - I think it gives the vanity some dimension & texture. I'm so sick of carrera marble in bathrooms, and granite countertops in kitchens.

Before After: Dresser Turned Bathroom Vanity Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/25/10 11:22 AM

Looks great, but the placemats are so wrinkled. Either iron them, or roll them up right out of the dryer to keep them as wrinkle as possible.

The Spring Cure: Submit Your Graduation Photos! Intro | Apartment Therapy New York
5/10/10 08:25 PM

Why would anyone put lighting under the base cabinets in the kitchen? This is probably the place in my house that gets the dirtiest - why would I highlight it. And light there is not remotely useful. What a waste of energy.

Small Cool 2010: Sarah's Reclaimed Materials Small Division # 23 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/20/10 09:24 PM

Not only is this a silly product, I can't believe nobody else has commented on the guy in the picture. That beard! The hair in the eyes!

Hot or Not: Chairless by Vitra | Apartment Therapy DC
4/16/10 10:50 PM

I prefer not to use a knife block - they take up too much counter space, look clunky, and seem like dirt traps. I can only imagine trying to clean this one...

DIY Universal Knife Block | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/29/10 05:21 PM

It was the rug (we had a shag rug in the 70's), the sofas (our friends has almost the exact same thing in their rumpus room), and for final confirmation, the turquoise ASHTRAY that tipped off the 70's to me.

Cozy Casual Living Room - The Answer Guess the Decade | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/25/10 04:07 PM

I don't think you can pick a wall color until you narrow down the color scheme for the room a bit. Everything seems to be a different color, with no unifying piece of artwork or rug. I see turquoise, blue, red, orange, white, brown & black. I say pick no more than three main colors, and stick with them. Then see how the wall color looks.

Does this Warm Wall Color Work? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/17/10 08:52 PM

Terra cotta pots dry out very quickly in the sun. I can't imagine the watering requirements you'd need to keep plants alive in this system. Definitely not a good option for a drought prone area.

Vertical Gardens by Joost Bakker | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/16/10 02:47 PM

While those sliding glass panels look cool, they don't serve much purpose. I think you either have cabinet doors that keep the dust & grease off things, or you have open shelves. Sliding panels would probably just get on my nerves in the day-to-day...

Kitchen Inspiration: A Modern and Industrial Renovation Dwell Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/15/10 05:50 PM

Love your furniture! But I think it needs to be rearranged.

First, you've got three potential focal points in your living room - the fireplace, the window, and the TV. You've chosen the TV as your focal point (plus a chunk of blank wall), and broken up the room so that the window area seems kind of remote & unappealing. If I were you I'd divide the room differently, with the sofa/TV area by the window, and a home office area around the fireplace. Move the sofa to face the window, put the TV where the bookcase is, find a desk to put behind the sofa, then fill in with chair, end table, bench & stools.

Add some colorful accessories. In the dining room, put that vase on the table, on top of a colorful square napkin or something, and add some tall flowers or greenery. Those rugs in every room are nice, but dull. Can you stencil them around the edges with a repeating pattern? Arrange books in the bookcase according to color, so they make more of an impact. Find some bold lampshades. Add colored mats to the picture frames. Get more pillows and a couple of throws. And find some medium scale knickknacks that make you happy, and place them on the coffee table, end table, TV table, and fireplace mantle singly or in groups of three. Raise the pictures higher over the mantle, so you have room for something below them. You probably need to rehang your pictures in different places - those four pictures next to the TV and the menus are hung in places that make no sense - they don't frame or emphasize anything, and you're not likely to even look at them.

Seems you'd get a much better view from the bed if you put it on the opposite wall. Add a headboard, side tables, lamps with bold shades, and matching bolster and throw.

I also wish I could just spend a day rearranging what you've got, and bringing out the beauty of it all.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: How to Accessorize Our Apartment?
8/15/08 08:40 PM

I'm a building energy conservation engineer, and I specialize in roofing. The smartest thing to do is to put spray polyurethane foam insulation on the top side of the roof. This is usually covered with a bright white coating. This is the best insulation you can get, since it covers all the joists without gaps. It's rigid & durable, and easy to install. The insulation will keep heat inside in the winter, and keep heat out in summer. The bright white coating will also help your place stay cooler in summer. Best of all, you won't have to touch your wooden ceiling. I don't get why you have to pay for it, though...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Type of Insulation For the Ceiling?
4/25/08 08:00 PM

I love the floorplans more than anything on this Small Cool contest. This floor plan is pretty cryptic, since I don't know what language is used here... But it looks like there's a lot of wasted space, due to what looks like a long double hallway. Seems like a great renovation opportunity would be to get rid of a wall or two, if possible. But I do love the colors and style.

Apartment Therapy New York | International #10: Marcus Mel's Charming Flat
4/23/08 10:28 AM