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Hello everyone, thanks for your comments!
Jennifer : the photo is by Jacques Olivar (you can check the site ''). The woman is not Jane Fonda, but really looks like her!
Luca : the work over the credenza is from two french artists working in Brussels, I can give you more information if you're interested... It's made of 750 backlit little mirrors.
Easyenough : I can have up to six friends for dinner, I have a few vintage unmatched chairs in the cellar for the occasion!
And for the tallguy, the couch is very confortable :-)


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5/16/08 08:56 AM

Hello, Nicolas here,

Thank you all for your comments!
And to answer a few questions...

- What you see above the stairs is a wire hangers mobile, gift from a friend, I LOVE it, and it's so easy to do...

- The apartment is a little less than 630 square feet actually but there's a 17th century vaulted cellar where I store wine...

- Above the credenza is a 'luminous panel' by two french artists, made of black perspex discs and little bulbs.

- I'm indeed looking for a coffee table

- I do have stuff, but not too much, and I tidy up the place before taking the pictures ;-)

And for those who wonder...
Lille is about 125 miles north of Paris, 150 miles south of London, and 60 miles west of Brussels

Thanks again, Nicolas.

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4/23/08 08:01 AM