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(neither is chrome, but these are the closest I could come up with)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Were Can I Find a Simple Flatscreen TV Stand? Good Questions
9/9/09 07:22 PM

Rescue greyhounds for sure. Key highlights:

- they're usually 2-5 years old and therefore are already crate-trained so you won't have to worry about housebreaking your puppy while living on the 20th floor.
- they're sprinters, so they're easily tired out and they sleep a lot.
- they have fairly low key personalities (in general) so aren't hyper-excitable (the complete opposite of a Jack Russell)
- they've been well socialized with other dogs and people (handlers, trainers, owners, vets, maintenance staff, etc) and are not aggressive (in general) so crossing paths with another dog or person in a narrow hallway or elevator should have less drama.
- I had one that I never heard bark, which will surely keep your neighbours happy.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Dog Breeds for Small Places Austin
9/11/08 09:49 AM

That couch, positioned directly under the massive iron beam, has got to be bad feng shui.

Apartment Therapy New York | Live Work Loft in Minneapolis The New York Times 9.4.08
9/4/08 12:12 PM

Regarding desk idea ...

Lack specs ...
Max. load: 11-33 lbs
Cost: $19.99

iMac specs ...
Weight: 20-25 lbs
Cost: $1200-2200

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 12 Uses for IKEA's Lack Shelves
9/4/08 11:37 AM

I fail to see the 'modern' in this, and even though it's an old warehouse space, they've been pretty effective in eradicating any traces of 'industrial' too.

(the windows ARE nice, but it needs to be gutted)

Apartment Therapy New York | Industrial Modern in Montreal The New York Times 9.2.08
9/3/08 08:51 AM

DWR please.

Apartment Therapy New York | Lunchtime Survey: Desert Island Furniture Choice?
8/29/08 09:51 AM

That's more, 'cell', than, 'house'.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | "Next Generation House": The Japanese Small Space Getaway Kumakura
8/25/08 12:34 PM

*wonders when hearing people in the throes of passion became agonizing*

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dealing With Loud Neighbors and Soundproofing Options
8/24/08 06:10 PM

This design rocks too ...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Close Up on Hans Wegner
8/13/08 07:00 PM

A DIY route would be to build a box to hide the cables and the cable box. Minimizing the dimensions would mean standing the cable box on its side, with the bottom of the unit facing the wall. It could then be covered by a box that's slightly wider than the cable box is deep, and slightly deeper than the cable box is high.

Example cable box dimensions: 18"W x 3"H x 8"D
Example DIY enclosure dimensions: 10"W x h"H x 4"D
(where h=the distance from the floor to the bottom of your TV)

So there would be 3 or 4 pieces:
1 @ 10" x h"
2 @ 4" x h"
1 @ 10 " x 4" (optional shelf for the cable box)

Top-down view of the box: ┌───┐

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Furniture Solutions for Cable Box?
8/1/08 11:40 AM

I hang pretty much everything.

Apartment Therapy New York | Folding Compulsions and Obsessions The Wall Street Journal 7.15.08
7/15/08 12:16 PM

I'm not debating whether the law is good or not, I'm simply pointing out that their (very public) advice is likely illegal for most readers of this site.

Apartment Therapy New York | Selling CDs to
7/14/08 01:06 PM

Selling the original CDs means you also sold your license to the music that was contained on them and should therefore delete the MP3s you ripped.

Apartment Therapy New York | Selling CDs to
7/14/08 12:33 PM

If I outsourced something, I'd expect it to not only free extra time, but free head-space as well.

Outsourcing laundry doesn't seem to save much time, but would consume far more head-space than doing it myself (doing laundry, being the brainless activity that it is). That translates to no laundry outsourcing for me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Laundry: Self-Managed or Outsourced?
7/14/08 07:39 AM

Please let me vote 'not' again ... please!

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not?: Egg Soldier Cup from Reiko Kaneko
7/9/08 04:39 PM

I tell them to stop harassing me, and ask whether they plan on forcibly removing me in order to enforce their policy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on...Taking Photos in Stores
7/2/08 04:42 PM

I'll second the, "countertops and appliances at the right height".

The last house I built had the countertops raised (in the bathroom too), and it made a world of difference.

(full disclosure: I'm 6' 6")

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Shopping for a New Kitchen: What's Most Important?
6/30/08 05:49 AM

Google Safe Browsing doesn't like

Apartment Therapy New York | Suburbia: Mark Weiss, Barbara Cole James Smolka
6/20/08 02:11 PM

I love my B&B Solo sofa.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | BB Italia Opens First US Maxalto Store in Chicago
6/18/08 09:33 AM

I'm not a bike-lover, or a bike-hater, but the title would be more accurate if it read, "Why Bikes are the World's Most Common Vehicle".

"Popular", implies that people prefer them over other choices. The reality is they're often the only choice ... which makes them common.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Why Bikes are the World's Most Popular Vehicle
6/17/08 08:24 AM