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jealous. i've lived in downtown brooklyn for a decade and am not living like this.

Sara's Scandinavian-Style Downtown Brooklyn Condo House Call
6/26/14 10:42 PM

love it. very refreshing and warm.

Caroline-Sara's Sense of Calm Small Cool Contest
5/26/14 09:40 PM

i really like this. very cozy and eclectic. i'm guessing it feels smaller because the ceiling isn't that high?

Inga's Unconventional Style Small Cool Contest
5/26/14 09:32 PM

@ PeteG - exactly what i was thinking! "what is this?! knotty pine?!!!!" weeping and near hysterical. the knots would drive me nuts.

6 Big Home Trends from the 1990s
(That Just Might Return)

2/12/14 10:13 PM

the only sign that would modify my opinion of the tsa is a giant red one that says "this is the body scanner" so i don't unwittingly get in one after being shouted at by their agents every time the metal detector conveniently breaks down. again.

Could an Ad Campaign Soften the TSA's Image? Design News
2/4/14 10:17 PM

she used to act. her designs are pretty fresh. don't think i've seen them before.

Bridgid Coulter Design Creative Workspace Tour
1/28/14 11:31 PM

i used to have the same view of the george washington bridge.

Sheena's Unbelievable View in Dumbo House Call
1/28/14 11:24 PM

no bedrooms? master bath? very warm home. that mirror in the powder room is great. i especially love the entertainment center is just a plank on two brackets. i was just considering a narrow console from cb2. but i have four anthro brackets and a home depot shelf that have never been used. much cleaner. no legs interfering!

Rachel & Tiernan's Textured Townhouse House Tour
1/21/14 12:51 AM

living in nyc for so long, i hadn't shopped a jcp except at christmas time. i found a lot of those women's lines to be gorgeous and well-priced. and their homewares have a lot of interesting options too. even in manhattan the store seemed well-kept. we all know the nightmares of macy's and century 21. even their basics are great. a crisp white blouse for $15? i've been slowly switching to shopping at jcp for staples.

J.C. Penney is Closing Stores & Cutting Jobs Design News
1/16/14 07:46 PM

the magnum is cool. it's pretty similar to rate & barrel's dune which i've had for about 10 years. much more affordable option.

Maxwell's Flatware Picks: High & Low Best Flatware 2013
12/2/13 03:06 PM

great room!

Rachana 's \"Spice for Life\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/20/13 04:15 AM

warm, rich color palette. very sophisticated.

Maria's \"Viva California\" Room
9/11/13 01:01 AM

bold and feminine. i really like it. perhaps betsey might get a very large white matte and bigger frame to contrast with the wall, or are you planning a salon wall?

Kimberly's \"Very Betsey\" Room room for color contest
9/11/13 12:59 AM

pretty much perfect. well done.

Jennifer's \"Pink & Lime\" Room
9/11/13 12:55 AM

it's so elegant. the palette is sort of like a spotlight on everything. and that bedroom! the wallcolor sets everything off beautifully, esp. that mirror.

Scotti's \"Modern Natural\" Hancock Park Home House Tour
9/11/13 12:44 AM

so french! love the cabinets and that blue-green stool. this reminds me of a visit to a classmate's home once. she had strawberry blonde hair and her kitchen was done in white and sage green, even the linoleum floor. i thought it matched the family's coloring so well.

Sandie's \"Courageous Sage\" Room room for color contest
9/4/13 07:45 PM

great color mix. the walls are just stunning. the extra window must help to keep it from feeling too dark. add in some king-size pillows and some euros and this room will be a stunner.

Lisa's \"Bright Forest \" Room room for color contest
9/4/13 07:42 PM

love it. restrained, happy and plays well with the architecture. love the opposing accent walls and how you get different views depending on your seat.

Renee's \"Family Fun\" Room room for color contest
9/4/13 07:38 PM

well done. the global mix is enviable yet the floors and natural light keep everything so airy and relaxed. i would have thought this apartment was in nyc. love the moroccan elements.

Kim's \"Morocco Memories\" Room Room for color contest
9/4/13 07:31 PM

beautifully balanced. the teal being a bit darker lets the brights shine forth without sacrificing anything. everything can be appreciated. very cozy room.

Kelly's \"Deep Teal with a Funky Vintage Vibe\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/4/13 07:29 PM