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Before & After: A Chic & Simple Tool Cart Transformation
5/3/14 09:24 PM

Stupendous job! My dining room drapes are made of that fabric, makes me smile just looking at it :) :)

Before & After: A Cheery, Spring-Like Vintage Vanity Chair Rescue
4/19/14 12:53 PM

Love it!

From Wasted Space to Family Chill Out Zone Good Questions Revisited
2/25/14 06:01 PM

If I were re-doing this room and wanted to use the rustic wood vanity and shelf, which I like, I think I would have stained the wood floor dark, or if it was not actually wood, replaced it with dark wood or wood-look ceramic rectangular tiles, painted the room a mid-tone gray to keep it modern and hung a rustic chandelier. I love the marble tile floor, just not mixed with the vanity. The changes I would make to this re-do would be paint the walls and trim dark gray to push them out and make it look bigger, add the chandelier, change that round mirror for something rectangular and frameless and add some art work over the loo. The vessel sink is nice.

Before & After: This Petite Powder Room Gets Prettified on a Budget
1/31/14 12:22 PM

Paint that future window box orange!

Before & After: 1920's House Gets Some Crazy Curb Appeal
11/12/13 11:34 AM

I love when people INSIST that you stay with them, and then turn out to be lousy hosts. If you are going to invite people to stay, you should try to make your guests comfortable. I have a friend in another city, who invited a mutual friend (her BEST friend) to visit last year for Christmas, for a period of over a week. Our dear friend the host never actually lets the house get warm enough to allow a person to get the chill off in the daytime, nevermind at night, when she turns the thermostat down to 55. The best friend/guest had a freezing cold nose the whole time she was there; they lit a fire each afternoon, but it was not enough to warm all the rooms and as a result, the guest went home sick. I can understand wearing sweaters and shoes in the house but not allowing a guest to be in a constant state of discomfort. I keep my own heat low when I am alone and doing things around the house but when I have guests I turn the heat up, put out enough blankets and pillows, provide bottled water and other little comforts (not necessarily budget busters, just things to make the stay nicer). I don't think of it as though I am giving them "free stay", they're my INVITED guests after all. Like my mom always says, if you can't afford to throw the party, then don't have it. I personally prefer to stay in hotels than with friends or relatives.

The One Thing Your Holiday Houseguests Won't Tell You
11/11/13 04:05 PM