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Sarah Richardson shows are by far my favourite lifestyle programing on tv-in fact, the only HGTV programing I make a point to watch. I didn't even realize that she was on in the States (lucky for y'all!) It is nice-being Canadian-to see her sources and locations so close to home. It is awesome to see familiar skyline views from, say, the apartment that she did in one episode of 101 and the familiar street shots as she is sourcing product.

Besides the "Sarah's House/Cottage" series of shows that she has done which I think is a great format for this type of programming, Sarah 101 is my absolute favourite. Budgets are a little more realistic and the rooms are very accessible for the average person.

(Candice Olsen does some kick-ass renderings. She had a little book out that I bought not for the design ideas, but for her beautiful little prismacolour marker and pen renderings as inspiration for my own in design school)

Apartment Therapy Interviews: Sarah Richardson
7/9/11 01:00 AM

There are a couple of reasons that cause this, and a couple of ways to avoid the result. A lot of times like another poster said, after a couple of weeks/months the sheen will dull down to match what is existing-it takes quite a while for paint to actually cure after its dried.

A couple of things you can do to avoid this is to:
A)thin the paint with 10% of water (if its latex) or varsol (if its oil) and

B) paint the area with the same tool that you used in the first place-if its the body of the wall, its likely that you used a roller, not a brush. You will get a better result if you use the same type of roller on your touch up (same nap thickness, size etc). I know its more of a pain to clean up than quickly grabbing a brush, but it flows out and provideds a much closer touch up and you will get a closer end result.

Only sand the wall very, very lightly where you've already touched up with a brush to knock down the brush strokes a little bit (I'm sure you'd be fine without doing that at all though) before rolling.

Is it Possible to Successfully Touch Up Wall Paint?
Good Questions

8/12/10 10:16 AM

My bad if I didn't see it, but is there a source for the shower curtain? I have a pale mustard (almost khaki) and white bath with chrome accents and would love something graphic but not stark.

Sharon's Bathroom Before After Good Question Revisited | Apartment Therapy New York
7/3/10 01:50 PM

I've seen these at the Bay in Toronto and Canadian designer Brian Gluckstein has used the iconic "point" pattern in at least one memorable magazine spread (can't find the link). I think any version of the pattern just speaks of winter. Love, love, love the large white and black ottoman.

Glad to see Canadian reference on here!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | HBC Signature at The Bay
1/29/09 05:11 PM

I used to work for a national paint company, and just thought I'd mention that the more tint that you add to paint increases the VOC levels exponentially (Once did the math and figured out just how much for a concerned customer, and its staggering what a little tint in paint will do). If you really have problems with chemical sensitivities, or just dislike VOCs in your home, stick to colours with the least amount of tint possible. (This really only goes for most standard tints though)

As for pricing, low VOC paint tends to be at the higher end of the price spectrum, but with paint often times you get what you pay for. Also, you have to really look at the value of paint-you get the most "bang-for-your-buck" out of paint when you look at the cost of the finish compared to the amount of square footage that it covers. It really does make the most impact in a space for the lowest cost per square foot of any of the finishes you could replace in your home. (ie: flooring, countertops, etc.)

Hope that helps!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Try a Low VOC Paint
7/23/08 05:27 PM

Paint makes SUCH a difference-totally completes a space.

If you are going for a brown, I would suggest a minky brown instead of a chocolate, per se. (Cobble brown or one of the tones on the same colour strip from Sherwin-Williams is beautiful) and if you are looking for the perfect celery green, Lemongrass from Benjamine Moore is lovely in most lighting-and wouldn't be too bluey-green when co-ordinating with your beautiful blue sofa in the next space.

A lovely lighter choice would be an old Sherwin-Williams colour called "Thatched Straw"-it picks up beautiful tones in all different types of light. (Its a buttery, yet very neutral greyed down yellow)

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Paint Colors for My Townhouse?
4/22/08 07:59 PM