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What a fabulous example of not needing a HUGE space to have a shared room! Congrats on making such a warm and lovely space for your girls - I bet they love it.

A Hands On, Use-What-You Have Room for Sisters My Room
11/3/12 04:50 AM

My daughter loved these as a baby - they're always on my "go-to" list for new baby gifts. Happy to see a great product line thriving and expanding. Looking forward to seeing the new items.

Black & White & A Bit of Color at Wee Gallery ABC Kids 2012
10/24/12 06:47 AM

You did such a fab job! This is a terrific example that a lack of space doesn't mean a lack of design and style. You have everything you need and nothing you don't. Well done. I immediately "pinned" this!

A Small Space Nursery Triumph In Manhattan My Room
7/20/12 03:18 PM

I am a sucker for a crib in the closet. This one is very sweet.

Eliot's "Dutch Cupboard" Crib One Little Minute
4/12/12 12:49 PM

I'm headed there this weekend, so thanks for the tips! I've never seen the freezer bag - I love that it's square. Will look for it.

My Latest List of 5 More (Non-Furniture) IKEA Must Haves
4/6/12 10:37 AM

We have the Charley Harper one which is simply beautiful. My daughter loves to figure out what they all are.

Matching Memory Games for Design Lovers (And Their Kids)
4/6/12 10:34 AM

I love that all three kids co-exist in a great room. I'm sure it's not a fight-free zone, but the camaraderie will be long lasting. My favorite design element is the desk in the closet.

Meg's Room For Three
Room Tour

4/2/12 04:25 PM

Play clothes are big these days - we keep them under her bed (along with a ton of other stuff!) in a plastic bin. When she outgrows them, we can use the bin again for her next obsession. We are lucky to have some storage space in our basement so I also rotate a lot.

Space Saving Solutions for Kids at Play
3/20/12 02:29 PM

My daughter is a Fiona, so guess which one we have? It's got a great message for girls though - brains are better than luck!

Introduce Your Child to Ireland Through Books
3/18/12 01:06 PM

We used a mid-century rocking chair in our 104 ft nursery and then moved it into the living room after midnight feedings were over. It was not quite as comfortable as a glider, but with some pillows it was ok. We still use it to rock our daughter (even though she's 4.5!) I'd highly recommend looking at cribs that can transition with your child (Stokke, Bloom, etc) from infant into toddlerhood. Especially if you're going to have more than one. They are extremely solid and will go the distance and many are also quite small if footprint. Although tempting due to the small space, the mini cribs (from my experience with friends) are hard once the baby is rolling over, etc. When your baby is small, you may not need all the storage that you have planned above. The dresser and the closet will probably suffice - we kept diapers/wipes/cremes/etc in the top drawer with our changing pad on top. This could give you a bit more room for the chair. Just a few thoughts...

Horse Before the Cart: Start Your Nursery Design with Space Planning
3/13/12 03:14 PM

I grew up in an old farmhouse in the country with nooks, crannies, creaky floorboards and wood stoves. My family sold it when the last of us went to college. 15 years later if I can't sleep, I walk through the house and remember each room in my mind. I have a small apartment that my husband, daughter and I call home. Sometimes when I my daughter curled up in my childhood bed I realize that I'm now creating a place she may one day drift off to sleep remembering. Homes do hold feelings - what a lovely line.

I forwarded this to my husband for just 1 month ago, he too said good-bye to his grandparents home - the only one they'd had for his 41 years. We had a champagne toast and then he walked around the house feeling the wood and the textures of the walls. It's a loss he will always carry with him. This piece is such a lovely written work about a topic many of us experience but don't talk about much.

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/13/12 02:41 PM

We used a 3 drawer dresser as our changing table. In the top drawer, we kept diapers, wipes and other essentials needed for the task at hand. This way you can keep a hand on the baby and get everything else you need with the other hand. Drawer organizers are super handy when they're little and you'll out-grow them when the clothes get bigger.

My sister (who lives in 600 sq ft) used a narrow Billy bookcase from Ikea for clothes - she fashioned a dowel towards the top to use for hanging clothes. Super genius in my book.

What Are Your Best Tips for Nursery Organization?Nesting a Nursery
3/9/12 01:05 PM

That's a great idea! We have a slim chalkboard that lives under my daughter's bed, but it's just shoved under there - I never thought of putting it on wheels!

Small Space Solution: Roll-Away Kids Chalkboard A Subtle Revelry
2/29/12 08:24 AM

There are lots of small footprint cribs these days that also look like they'll fit your asthetic - Stokke, Bloom Luxo, Gro Furniture and Leander Tulip are some of my favorites. These cribs are not only well designed and high quality, they also grow with your child through toddlerhood and beyond. Our daughter was in her Stokke until she was almost 4.
I decided that I would buy fewer things, but make sure they I loved them. I also truly believe that you can use "grown-up" design elements in a nursery. Instead of a glider, we used our Mid-Century low rocker. Given the look of your other rooms this might be something you'd like too!

Designing Our Baby's Room from Scratch Nesting a Nursery
2/28/12 01:37 PM

Gray, blue and orange are my favorite combo right now! The colors are great for a small one but will easily grow with him. What a warm and cozy room.

Ezra's Orange Accents My Room
2/28/12 09:55 AM