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@nelsorp: It is already made for a lot cheaper, even though Herman Miller puts their sticker on it

New Limited Edition Eames Hang-It-All in Walnut
8/16/10 09:36 PM

$1700 for 750sqft, 2BR, 1BA just outside of Geneva (but on the French side of the border), charges included

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 03:55 PM

Is this one Made in Taiwan as well?

New Limited Edition Eames Hang-It-All in Walnut
8/16/10 03:38 PM

For full effect, these need to be combined with some taxidermy and a "Keep calm" poster

Trend Watch: Clustered Paper Lanterns
8/10/10 08:55 AM

Well, it would be interesting to know what the sellers consider a "ridiculous" price. For a few specific pieces I have paid ~50% of MSRP in the past (on craigslist). I'd consider that at the high end for a used piece of furniture.

Where Can I Sell My High End Second Hand Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
7/27/10 07:21 PM

Somehow the ultra-dramatic house seems at odds with the unremarkable lot (which is 13000sqft, btw. 1200m^2). But then, there aren't many hillside lots in the Netherlands.

SODAE House in Amstelveen, The Netherlands Contemporist | Apartment Therapy New York
6/10/10 08:19 PM

Terro liquid ant bait took care of a small ant invasion earlier this Spring near instantly. I bought it based on the reviews on amazon and it apparently did what it was supposed to do (which is to get the ants to carry droplets of the liquid back to their nests to, where the borax dissolves their exoskeleton or some other vital part). Highly recommended.

Pesky Pests: How Do You Get Rid of Them | Apartment Therapy DC
6/3/10 08:53 PM

Beyond awesome.

Joe's Industrial Milwaukee Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/6/10 12:51 PM

Fantastic. More house tours like this, please!

James' Bernal Heights Re-Make/Re-ModelHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/2/10 11:15 PM

I think the first one is brilliant (albeit ugly)

6 Unusual Grandfather Clocks that We Love (But Your Grandparents Might Not) | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/27/10 11:22 PM

I hope none of the people wringing their hands about the picture actually went to "helgasms" flickr page - it might give them a heart attack. Btw, Helga, the owner of the flickr stream, *is* the model, so I guess she is "objectifying" herself. Or maybe this is just amateur psychology pretzel logic.

How Low Can You Go? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/23/10 12:13 PM

Wow, lot's of scared people here. 10 years ago, I rented a room in a single-family on Long Island for a few months. I never got a key for the house - they just left the backdoor open so I could enter at any time. These days, I usually don't lock our front door during the day.

Your Front Door: Locked or Unlocked? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
1/14/10 08:33 PM

Yeah, it's annoying when everybody and their grandmother has a $11k Flos Superarchimoon.

Playing with Scale in a Milan Apartment | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/10/09 03:35 PM

I'm a huge fan of orange, but don't particularly like any of these. Hm.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Orange Kitchens
11/4/09 04:03 PM

I've seen worse.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Embrace Your Inner Slob
10/29/09 09:16 PM

Or one could save the money for knickknacks and actually travel to some interesting places...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Shop the Globe without Going Far
10/20/09 02:19 PM

Well, "vignetted" may be a word after all:

but add me to those who don't understand what "vignetted furniture" arrangements in a home might be.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | In Praise Of Vignetted Furniture Good Quotes
10/20/09 02:13 PM

Nice, but I guess I'm missing the 'low' part.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Boston Home High-Low Blended Concept Home House Tour
10/3/09 05:05 PM

Just wanted to second post # 2: Do not sign a longer-term lease (e.g. 2 years) until you have lived in an apartment for a while! I once fell in love with a loft studio on what I thought was a quiet street. Well, it was quiet in the afternoon, but at 6:30AM there was a steady stream of delivery trucks going past and the large windows made it sound like they were going right through my room. Thankfully, the landlady let me out of my 1-year lease a few months early when I moved to a condo (but I would have moved even if it meant paying the rent for two more months).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Makes For A Qualified Renter
9/9/09 11:05 PM

I don't know if that is just jealousy speaking, but the ceilings seem low for such a large space (after combining the three apartments). I'm wondering if keeping some of the furniture to a more proportionate scale would have helped that.

Apartment Therapy New York | High-Rise Apartment by Stephen Boublil The Apartment
9/3/09 03:39 PM