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Quirky, challenging pie space to work with... but amazing how you turned a tiny 441sf studio glamorous and sophisticated looking... and with thrift shop stuff yet. Incorporating nature into contemporary design is chic these days- the antlers are cool. Placed in a grid, its also a playful counterpoint to the sleek modernist context. The visual impact is stunning. Georgia Okeefe thought they were beautiful. Thoughtful people should be more put off by our worship of plastic and vinyl.
Its an urban woman’s apartment, so of course there’s a need for (a lot of) shoe storage! ..a space usually stuffed away somewhere without any thought. I like how you inhabited & humanized the space with the corkboard and figurine. Gorgeous space-don't you just want to lounge there and have a martini? Would have loved to see the enormous balcony.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie
4/23/08 07:43 AM