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wait, how is brushing your teeth in the shower gross?? saves so much time!

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/8/13 11:51 AM

OMG LOVE. Perfect wabi-sabi awesomeness. Wouldn't change a thing.

Emily & Jonathan's Urban Homestead House Tour
4/24/13 10:52 PM


Emily & Jonathan's Urban Homestead House Tour
4/24/13 10:47 PM

I always remove them, but mostly because my mom does.

Should I Save My Book Dust Jackets? Good Questions
2/8/13 01:33 PM

I walk my dog in whatever I'm wearing at the time. The content on AT is getting pretty tenuous.

Anything Goes? Acceptable Dog-Walking Wear
1/25/13 11:56 AM

Yeah number 8.... corn syrup? Why even have that on hand? Otherwise, this is basically porn for me.

Beautifully Organized: Pantry Areas
1/24/13 11:29 AM

theres almost no wall in the kitchen so a nice taupe-y gray would work well

Updates for Country Kitchen on a Limited Budget? Good Questions
1/21/13 12:41 PM

Cabinets painted white, inexpensive butcher block countertops, white subway tile backsplash, brushed nickel bin pulls, and a cute pendant from schoolhouseelectric.com!

Updates for Country Kitchen on a Limited Budget? Good Questions
1/21/13 12:40 PM

I am so tired of the expedit. i know it's functional but its ubiquity is nausea-inducing. No matter what hacks you make to one, it always looks like an expedit to me.

The World's Most Popular Bookcase:
Best Uses of the IKEA Expedit

1/21/13 12:27 PM

Fresh, gorgeous and impeccably edited. I have one question for Jason and Jon-

How is the grasscloth holding up in the bathroom? I spec'ed it for a client's powder room because of the lack of moisture but now I'm reading about how it can still get grody or ruined from being water adjacent. Any thoughts?

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 01:47 PM

Wake up an hour before leaving the house, shower and stuff, walk the dog and pick up a cup of coffee, read AT and a couple of other blogs while drinking the coffee and having a smoothie or yogurt.

What's Your Morning Ritual?
1/4/13 11:09 AM

Nice find! Those are super expensive. It's obviously a new lamp.... look at the cord.

Do You Recognize This Metal Floor Lamp? Good Questions
12/18/12 01:27 PM

confused... the pieces in the LR seem way too large for the space.

Robert's Character-Filled House in Echo Park House Tour
12/18/12 01:24 PM

I just didn't give him a choice. "it's me or the couch".

\"Football-Friendly\" Modern Sofa Suggestions? Good Questions
12/4/12 07:56 PM

Yeah basically every house on Parenthood. The grandparents house too! It's so cozy and warm feeling.

Furniture & Interiors Inspired by TV Shows
11/17/12 12:13 PM

You don't need to take the exam to be a designer, nor do you need a 4 year school to take the exams. My mom and I started our interior design business four years ago and I went to a 2 year program at FIDM to learn the basics. I actually haven't even used most of what I was taught.

Alternate Paths into the Interior Design Field? Good Questions
10/2/12 11:04 PM

Omg PERFECT in every way.

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/21/12 08:52 PM


Due to high volume of coffee houses and wine bars on our block, probably

The Funniest Home Wi-Fi Network Names
9/17/12 12:29 PM

I believe the rug is Tarnby from IKEA

A Comfortable Craftsman Living Room Roommarks
9/13/12 08:52 PM

Totally not my taste, but for some reason I really like this. Beautiful, happy family-- beautiful, happy home!

Melyssa & Ted's Colorful Carriage House House Tour
9/11/12 09:57 PM