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I really like that silver lamp in the first picture. Anyone know where I can find something similar?

Storm-Colored Rooms
9/22/10 10:24 AM

Lovely. I second the request for the color in the bathroom and the kitchen too.

Joshua and Bethany’s Lake Front Living
House Call

8/25/10 11:51 AM

Lovely. I covet the sofa too. Can you share the paint number of the yellow color used in the living room?

Shauntelle & Dave's Controlled Kitsch - Part 1
House Tour

8/18/10 06:13 PM

Great job! Love (LOVE) the arc lamp and I like what you've done. Do think it needs a bit of color though.

Sandra's San Juan Renovation
House Call

8/16/10 11:33 PM

(1) $3100 for a 800 sq feet 1bd in UWS
(2) $2500 for a 500 sq feet studio in Battery Park
(3) $2000 for a +1000 sq feet 2bd w/formal dinning room in Hoboken.

I'm still trying to decide if the extra space is worth the commute into the city.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 11:59 AM

I need those dinning room chairs. Anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!

A Plan & Budget for Mini Renovations by OA
Professional Project

8/12/10 10:28 AM

Tony & Hilary,

I LOVED your apartment! Congratulations!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2008: First Place
5/16/08 01:29 PM

In theory, I love the idea, but for me it's a big no-no. As others have mentioned, this would be bad feng shui. Plus, I'm waaaay too risk averse; I don't even have ceiling fans because I'm afraid they'll come crashing down.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Overhead (OverBED) Storage
5/15/08 07:33 AM

Definitely one of my favorites.

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalist: Family of Four’s “Two Bedroom” Studio
5/13/08 08:53 AM

I disagree. I think your place is totally cool. Love that picture of your bedroom and adore the living room. Good job!

Apartment Therapy New York | International Finalist: Ise's London Pad
5/12/08 06:14 PM

Love it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest Finalist: Ana and Bob's Bay Area Nest
5/12/08 06:11 PM

I covet that rug!

And was I the only one that kept hoping they'd show the living room too? It looked gorgeous.

Apartment Therapy New York | CB2 Presents: Blending Vintage Modern
5/6/08 09:20 AM

Bryan and Stef take it. Loved their use of green.

2. Sarah & Angelo
3. Ise
4. Danielle & Lakshans

Apartment Therapy New York | International Finalists: Group B
5/2/08 11:25 AM

1. Marcus & Mel
2. Aad
3. Nicolas
4. Simone

Apartment Therapy New York | International Finalists: Group A
5/2/08 11:17 AM

Having a hard time picking a favorite here. I'm thinking Dave & Rob first, followed by:

2. John
3. David
4. Ana & Bob

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
4/30/08 08:30 PM

Kelly & Josh are definitely No. 1 for me. Loved their bathroom!

2. Loulou & Nico
3. Jordan
4. Mathew

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
4/30/08 08:22 PM

My hopes:

1. Family of Four
2. Tony & Hilary
3. Luca
4. S S Waverly

I'd rather not have a professional win, though Luca's apartment is definitely gorgeous.

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalists: Fantasy League Thread
4/30/08 10:51 AM

Love the cats and the dog!

Adored the blue living room with the orange chair. And the red bedroom! Fantastic. Great use of color.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #27: Curtis Alex's '39 Bungalow
4/23/08 09:15 AM

Keep in mind that April-September is high rental season and apartments are available for less than 3 days. I've had brokers tell me that during the summer, an available listing can go in a matter of hours (particularly those in trendy areas).

My best advice is to get a broker. It's a pain to pay the 15% fee, but they access to the best apartments.

Apartment Therapy New York | New York City Apartment SearchThe New York Times 4.20.08
4/22/08 06:30 AM