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Morocco IS in Africa.

Or are we doing that thing where all of Africa is all the same, except when it's not?

Yep. Looks like. *facepalm* The touristy vibe of this article killed it for me. Sorry, hard to get all jazzed up about textiles when they're 'hippy spicy exotic'. 'Cause to my (entirely Western, born-and-bred US Citizen) perspective, they look very close to what I've grown up with since childhood, and thus not hippy or exotic. Just sayin'.

Elegant, Eclectic, Classic: Indian Block Prints for Every Budget
3/19/12 01:54 PM

Akay, me too! My family moves around a lot, and it is pretty much expected that, at least once a year, someone will be screaming "PIVOT! PIVOT!" from under a couch. :P

5 Furniture Buying Tips for Apartments with Small Stairwells
3/15/12 02:06 PM

Okay, now I know where to go when I set up my new digs. Thanks for posting great sources for vintage AND energy-efficient appliances. You're awesome! :D

Sources for Vintage & Retro Appliances
3/14/12 01:59 AM

Oh yeah, that said, if it wasn't for the sheer volume of extra reading we get, I'd probably not use my iPad all that much (mom uses it more than I do during breaks). I tend to like reading paper books, but the few times I've downloaded preview chapters off of Amazon and needed to figure out what happens next, I've bought and finished e-books on the iPad, no problem. I think it really just depends what you're used to and what you use it for. I tried doing the things I typically do on my iPad on my friend's Kindle, and I really don't think the kindle will meet my needs. The kindle fire I haven't tried yet, so I can't say one way or another.

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/12/12 07:25 PM

iPad for me, all the way. I'm a student who gets a lot of supplemental reading in the form of online articles, online book excerpts and .pdfs. The iPad makes it a heckuva lot easier to read them than on my laptop, AND the annotating and organization capabilities of .pdf and website capture apps makes organizing research material so much easier.

As far as eye strain, I don't experience any significant differences between print and screen. Bear in mind that I'm in my twenties and I've grown up reading on a computer.

That said, I got the iPad1 as a gift and will use it until the day it dies. It's still going strong and it really grates my nerves to see that we're on the iPad 3 now - and that people are dumping one and two to get three. Not passing on to other people, but legitimately putting it out of use. Seriously? That's, I'll be honest, excessive and really, really gross.

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/12/12 07:23 PM

A platypus!

...or a plant works too. Art. Dirt collections. Seashells. Branches. A litter of pet rocks. Why not just divvy up the books already there, get one or two plants, spread the stuff out a bit and wait for it to fill up organically? Open shelf space ain't a crime. :P

Or a typewriter. If in doubt, get a typewriter.

(I'm not hating, I have three and a typewriter cart.)

What To Put on My Great Built-In Shelves?
Good Questions

3/10/12 12:26 AM

LOL, Hi new friends!

@Kayloco, it definitely is about both a show and the band. Kansas' 'Carry on my Wayward Son' features heavily in all seven episodes of Supernatural on the CW. If it lends into my cred in any way, I got into the show for the music first (Metallica, AC/DC, Kansas, Led Zep, on and on!), monsters second. :P

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On
3/10/12 12:18 AM

I would die for a print that says 'Keep Calm and Carry on My Wayward Son' with a classic Chevy impala somewhere on it. Points to anyone who gets the reference.

Still, the history of the original is really interesting. <3

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On
3/9/12 12:10 PM

Ditto on the landscaping of tanks thing. My betta fish lives in a 2.5 gallon tank with some very realistic fake plants, black rocks, and a jaguar skull hiding place. The whole thing kind of goes with and blends in on the shelf he lives on, beside books, art, and two typewriters (one from the 20's, one from the 50's). I have kind of a naturalist vibe going on here, so he fits in well.

For bigger tanks that take up prominence and floorspace, consider a rounded acrylic tank instead of the traditional fish tank - you know the one, four sides, black top, black bottom, sealed with silicone in the corners? The rounded acrylics look like one solid piece of material for all four sides, so the over-all impression is much cleaner without any visual interruption for the aquascaping inside. I scored a 50 gallon one off CL for $150 (including filter and all that jazz), but I was lucky. Brand-new, they are significantly more expensive than traditional tanks. Acrylic tanks scratch a lot easier, though, so be careful.

I LOVE the hamster cage Ikea hack! Lucky little guy <3. Wish I saw this for when my little dude was alive.

However, please keep in mind that the cage was created for a DWARF hamster. So, before anyone starts hacking for their teddy-bear hamsters or rats, tanks are typically appropriate only for really small pocket pets, such as dwarf hamsters and mice, who are not only particularly prone to escape but also, to drafts. The tank must be suitably large (a 20 gallon long is minimum for one dwarf hamster, two who get along exceptionally well, max) to 'spread out' waste and make sure the ammonia doesn't harm their little lungs - this is in conjunction with regular cleaning.

The larger hamsters (et cetera) absolutely need the ventilation of bar cages. Which brings me to my conclusion: No matter how hard I tried, I could not make my pet rat's 5', two-story bar cage look nice. It'd be okay for about half a day, and then all hell breaks loose, fluff and shredded toys everywhere, the cage rearranged, and the dang wheels were ugly to begin with. And there were only three of them - one of them was an old, old lady! Maybe rats are just douchebags (adorable, lovable douchebags) but I've only seen one or two rat cages I would call design-worthy. Sigh - so goes the price of pet ownership.

All Creatures Great and Small: Designing with Less Expected Pets in Mind
3/8/12 03:15 PM

Art in front of books. I have one piece like this. The trick? It's a lightweight, durable frame with a plastic panel (not glass) and positioned in front of books that I like to keep, often loan out to people, but do not have to access on a regular basis (like school books, reference books, 'to read' books). All I have to do is push it to the side on its hook, grab my book, and viola. It's also positioned in such a way that I can see the tops of some spines and the bottoms of others, so yes, I do know that the books behind the picture are, in fact, right there.

Why? I like the way it looks (I wouldn't do it with large or too many frames, though) and, the way my office is set up, the first thing I see upon walking into the room is the bookshelf. This picture has particular sentimental value, so it puts me in a focused frame of mind and sets the tone for the function of the space.

So, guys, chill out. There are reasons to do it and it can be done in a nice-looking and functional way. Plus, like kbwelham said, not everyone owns pretty books. Some of mine have had it pretty rough, or they came that way from the discount bin, thrift store, what have you. Ain't no one wanna see that. :P

Stylish Savings: 5 Ways to Improve a Room Without Spending a Dime
3/8/12 03:00 PM

Would it be passive-aggressive to e-mail this to my aunt? She has a lovely condo, but it's in a similar situation and the discord between my funny, kind aunt and her dark, blah surroundings just makes my mind go for a twist. Weird.

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/7/12 11:28 PM

Our rental carpet looks like a shaved wookie. Same color, same shagginess, and no amount of cleaning will solve it. I found a large, nice rug at the thrift store and put it in the bedroom. Makes a huge difference! For what it's worth, my rug doesn't curl up at the edges or bunch, but that could be because it has a rubber backing, is large and quite heavy.

Punch Up Bland Carpet with Area Rugs Renters Solutions
3/7/12 08:48 PM

I'd confuse it for cookie dough. Don't even want to think about what my little nephew would do.

DIY Chocolate Play Dough The Imagination Tree
3/7/12 08:43 PM

@supergirl377 - right on.

Where the World Sits: Love & Hate for the Monobloc
3/1/12 03:15 PM