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perfectection all the way around. you've mananged to balance the tonal and neutrals really well. would of love to seen the before. one of my all time favorites!

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5/20/14 01:45 PM


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5/20/14 01:35 PM

I am lucky I can leave most of my windows open on a daily basis and everyone tells me my house smells great..but I do have one closet in the front of the house that gets the steam from the bathroom shower so it can get musty smelling. To prevent mold I have to clean out this closet twice a year and wash the walls down with combo hot water/vinegar/borax and I keep one of those #5 Moso charcoal bags in there..
The Moso bag really works.. Tip- with the Moso bag you need to put it in the sun every few months to ractivate the charcoal. I have them in all of my closets.

Rethink the Stink: 5 Odor Removing Products No Home Should Be Without Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 11:59 AM

The last two years I've been rotating these-

AQUIESSE "Bamboo Teakwood" this is exquiste and burns beautifully comes in a beautful thick brown smoked glass, the smell is heaven - green, wood and light light hawaiian violet. 100% soy

Hobnail Glass Candle in Meringue- by Simpatico- smells like fresh saved coconut and the beach.. I could eat this candle. Comes in a amber colored glass hobnail, emabarrassed to say I have a whole set of these glasses I reuse for vases, pencil holders, etc. 100% vegetable wax, burns nicely.

KOBO VETIVER AND SHAVED VANILLA CANDLE - beautiful, warm light vanilla with amber and sandlewood, light musk, nice burn -100% soy

These are all $28.00 to $36.00 range and I have to say burn better than DIPTYQUE which I was a big fan of especially in Chêne and FEU de BOIS.

Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Scented Candles? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 11:45 AM

I use this recipe all the time, its delicious

Any Ideas How I Can Bake Bread with Coconut Flour? Good Questions
11/19/13 10:36 PM

This could of been a tad hokie but its really magical full of so many great details, love and a talented collaboration from a family. Refreshing and inspiring.
What a beautiful place where you live.
Tupelo the well kept hounddog go get your marsh mellow roasting on, seriously can I be you?

David and Jennifer's Handmade Home House Tour
10/31/13 12:01 AM

I don't have a problem with most of the items mentioned, I actually enjoy cleaning and putting things away.
But I also don't have a lot of stuff. I have streamlined my things, clothes and kitchen items. This was not always the case but has made a drastic difference. Easier to organize and clean with less furnture and stuff. I have the basic "10 essential wardrobe pieces" and few tees for layering, two jeans and one sweatshirt. I find having a ton of room in my small closet makes it easy to put my clothes away.

Having a cordless stick style vaccum that I use almost daily because of pets and hadwood floors makes it easier, allows me not having to pull out the regular vaccum which is more of a production and reserved for deep cleaning bi-weekly cleaning.
I guess windows would be my least favorite, but once they are done its so nice to have sparkling clean windows.

What's Your Cleaning Weak Spot?
10/23/13 11:34 AM

I like using challah bread.
I add some freshly squeeze orange too ^ and lemon zest.
I also add 2 tbs min. of pure vanilla extract and touch or nutmeg. I think the orange and the vanilla are key.
Iron skillet.

How To Make The Best French Toast Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/11/13 02:16 PM

The vanity/sink seems very low and the left leg support is turned slightly.

Can You Spot What's Wrong with this Bathroom?
10/11/13 01:37 PM

One thing I recently learned is the term Quilt is often used for what is actually a Matelasse.
Which is a woven pattern to appear quilted or mimic quilted.
Quilting is sewing of two or more layers together.

Simple & Stylish: 10 Solid Color Quilts & Coverlets
10/11/13 10:45 AM

JC Penny has some and Ikea -

For higher end Matteo has a beautiful quilt in black- love their bedding.

The west elm quilt I bought 2.5 years ago on sale felt apart.
I barely used it more of a accent or throw.

Simple & Stylish: 10 Solid Color Quilts & Coverlets
10/11/13 10:23 AM

No nonstick pans for me not only for health reasons I just don't like them.

I have a Eagleware (professional) alum skillet I picked up for under 25.00 at cooking supply store. These are used quit a bit in restaurants. You need to season it properly before using. I learned this from someone who posted on Amazon-
1. wash it
2. dry it
3. put salt in it
4. with paper towel, grind it into the inside of pan
5. then, brush out the salt
6. dip another paper towel in oil and rub oil around the pan, leaving it on there.
7. put the pan on the burner (low-med heat) just until it is about to smoke.
8. take off burner and allow to cool.
9. repeat steps 1-8 two more times.
10. repeat steps 1-6, rubbing oil WELL into the pan before storing/putting away.
11. this process cures and seals the aluminum, making it stick-free… slicker than Teflon!

My other beloved pan especially for eggs is my Descoware. It was my mothers and I've been using it for over 25 years. The enamel is still in good shape.

I use my iron skillet all the time too. But its fully seasoned. I use cheap salt the morton kind with a Japanese brush or re use aluminum foil to scrub it then I rinse and heat back up with a thin layer of safflower oil wipe down. It works like a charm.
I do use some oil for cooking on all of these not much though.

Do You Use Nonstick Cookware? Reader Survey
9/25/13 04:13 PM

I love it so much its pretty, simple, functional and nice clean lines. Great job.

Sandra and Justin's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
8/29/13 02:05 PM

I appreciate these chairs because they are timeless and chic. I like the neutral finish on this chair which will blend well over the years with other furniture as your taste may change.

I have one of those chairs that I picked up from a salvage yard for 6.00 sitting next to my George Nelson cabinet (that came from my grannies house ;). I painted it a pale grey and re made the seat cushion in a Belgium natural linen. I've been thinking of refinishing it to a natural finish like that one. I love the way it looks.

Look through some of the European decor magazines like Elle Decor or look at The Selby you will find how chic and accelctic they can be.

Are French Round-Back Chairs Timeless Classics? Good Questions
8/20/13 11:47 AM

I'm surprised the reviews were so negative for the products listed above after seeing the high praises on AT.

I must admit I have typically subscribe to buying one-two really great set sheets over having a bunch of just ok sheets. At the same time I love new sheets and always open to seeing what is out there.

Besides my cotton sheets from Matteo and pure linen sheets for Restoration Hardware I love my Wamsutta 400 Thread count sheets I bought nearly 8 years ago from BB&B and they just keep going and softer than ever- the prices are still great for these long lasting, no piling, super soft sheets.

MonicaK- those flannel sheets look promising for the price, thanks I think I will gift those to my nieces for the holidays. .

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Sheet Sets
8/20/13 11:19 AM

You could cover the mirror on the cabinet or not.
I think putting a mirror over the sink and having the top of the mirror line up to be same height is cabinet will be bring some continuity. Just get a piece of mirror to fit and fill the already framed space next to the cabinet.
I would add a shelf above the sink to line up with the bottom of the cabinet shelf and loose the cup and toothpaste holders.

How To Make Misaligned Medicine Cabinet and Sink Less Awkward? Good Questions
8/15/13 08:01 AM

LemonButter- rugs usa also sells that rug for liitle less, out of stock right now. There is similar one avail. w/o the fringe which I think would collect less dust and hairs.

I have a large outdoor rug I use in my living room which is great for pets. I can take it outside to hose down and air dry.

Rock the Right Rug: Which Size Should You Choose? Emily Henderson
7/17/13 02:28 PM

I love the causal feeling of this home. The red chesterfield drew me in and the industrial mix.

Unfortunately, I could not see all the photos the slide show works for the first three pictures after that its just lines. I hope this gets fixed.

Eric's Stylish, Sunshine-Filled House House Tour
7/2/13 10:40 AM

col818-" How could someone hate a little flower that so dutifully does its job, in the shade nonetheless, without asking for much of anything besides water?"

I like that and exactly.

My back patio has very little sun and I just planted some bright orange ones in my hanging baskets they make me smile. When you go to the nursery there are very few flowers in the shade section. I guess if you have a tone of sun you don't need the little flower that can do!

A Few Alternatives to Impatiens The Gardenist
7/1/13 04:19 PM

Like CJ118 I have the Bose Companion computer speaker which I use for my TV and hook my iphone, laptop (itunes) to in my bedroom. The sound is pretty good for a small room, the look good and don't take up much space. This set up would not be ideal for really listening to music (non itunes) in my living room which is a bigger room.

Thanks for this timely post. I still have my receiver and would like to get a turntable, still researching that. I don't want big speakers but with smaller speakers you compromise on sound. Giving up my medium size high end speakers was a mistake, listening to music has not been the same.

MonicaK you could get a receiver and get a iphone dock to use with these speakes which would be better sound than using computer speakers.

What Are the Best Small Space Speakers Under $100? Good Tech Question
6/26/13 01:59 PM